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    • Yes be brilliant bout jackets etc . Hopefully layering on hand items be in . Now we wait lol
    • I'm pretty sure I heard something about being able to layer jackets over shirts in AviLife. But I'm sure there will be way more customization options
    • I share a lot of what you say, home was fantasy and freedom to express yourself even if limited to me in certain social aspects, now I'm in a 3d chat where I can still express my freedom and certain social aspects (not all) but poor in spaces , I hope that in AVI we can accomplish many things from spaces to freedom and finally give space to certain social aspects.
    • Wat I truly say about the matter , everyone's right , but from personal experience in nebula , atom, and PSH , and watching avilife , and even Avakin life and Imvu , they all have different perspectives of what should be in the games they developed. But the kicker of what made PSH great is the fact that it was the first of its kind , no body approached socialism the way that PSH did before, so there fore it opened a lot of doors of perspective and personalities. To further wat made the game great is the fact that they allowed the imagination to take wing in the game , there was nothing that PSH would not make available to its community , simple things made the game great to play , and worth the money spent upon it, in my opinion if nebula , atom , and so forth unleashed they're inner child and let the game be based on fantasy rather then actual reality , a lot of content that's released will spark a fire of interest to its community , I'm no game dev , but I am a writer , drawer and poet ... So in saying that I can see where there's a lack of imagination in games , and can see where imagination is the forefront of games. Imagination is the soul reason why video games as a whole is so loved. Pubg has hell of bugs and qwirks , but its because of those bugs that it made the game so much fun to play , cause you don't really know wat to expect next. When I write or draw , I find no rime or reason... I jus draw and write , allowing my content I create spontaneously to carry me to the next thing... PSH made no sense , yet it was so fun to play , bcus it allowed everyone to be what they wanted to be irriguardless of how ridiculous or ill logical it was. Nebula is a great game bcus of its vision , but the lack of freedom of mind is what makes it so boring, so as atom. I jus hope that avilife a tunes to the very core of what makes gaming so fun.. And hopefully atom and nebula can bounce back bcus I see potential in the game , and I also see the problems , as well as understand the devs plight towards everything they do. The bottom line is.. Its bcus of my active imagination that my stories and drawings are so good , I envelope my readers and watchers in the story with simple things , and they carry it to many places bcus of the experience of being in another realm or world, feeling that they are apart of it. I jus want the same for all social apps and games. 
    • I know that most if not ALL games can suffer from bugs and errors, even triple A titles have had to release numerous patches to solve bugs and issues however people forego the bugs and the errors when the game is fun and is worth playing and believe in the dev team. After hearing numerous things about multiple social platforms I can form the idea that the staff for those do not attempt to solve these issues and the huge issue of there "being nothing to do in game". As I have said here and on PSN it isnt the budget that makes a game fun, the odd bug or error doesn't make a game suddenly not fun, its the content and community inside of it. These seem to be what the other social worlds are missing out on remembering. 

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