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  6. I noticed some small mistake in the translation not made by me, I apologize in advance also because I do not know how I can corrects the text once published
  7. Hi all, in this my post I try to explain what I try and what I do not find in any platform, my decennial experience is divided into: 6 years of Home on PS3, 2 in search and information on various platforms and to finish the last 2 on a 3d chat that is based PR incipally on sex. The first thing I realized that in every form is found every 3d platform proposes different things like the same things, I mean, what you look for you never find it if not small pieces here and but never in a single solution , perhaps the only one and also the first remains second life but too complicated and too dispersive, the other... Be apart from home who had started a path and then lose it road doing I only saw replicas failed each other but never and I never say what I finally try. Now that I try and simple convinced that I am not the only one, I want, I try, I want a game about life, simply a game where to live a parallel life, to fix what in the real one does not go or can not realize how to simply live it, in short In layman's terms a game of life, one of my life to build or rebuild and share with others who like me are looking for something so simple and trivial that you never find it. Ce who proposes something close but still too far from what I would need, a platform simple, intuitive, that can be used without a PC too evolved and expensive, as on PS4 or Xbox one if it is possible, a platform that is easy ACCE Dervio, without in short everything that today is around, only 3d I have too complicated, too heavy and too much of what is useless. Well There are also various games and distractions to spend a little time with friends or strangers but in the end a place where you just feel at home and spend peaceful moments without worrying too much about bills and commitments that life, the real, gives us. Salve a tutti , in questo mio post cerco di spiegare cosa cerco e cosa non trovo in nessuna piattaforma , la mia esperienza decennale si divide in : 6 anni di home su ps3 , 2 in ricerca e informazioni sulle varie piattaforme e per finire gli ultimi 2 su una chat 3d che si basa principalmente sul sesso . La prima cosa che ho capito che in ogni forma la si trovi ogni piattaforma 3d propone cose diverse come le stesse cose , mi spiego , quello che alla fine cerchi non lo trovi mai se non a pezzettini qui e la ma mai in un unica soluzione , forse si l'unica e anche la prima resta second life ma troppo complicata e troppo dispersiva , le altre … be a parte home che aveva iniziato un percorso per poi smarrirlo strada facendo ho solo visto repliche mal riuscite l'una dell'altra ma mai e dico mai quello che alla fine cerco . Ora che cerco e semplice convinta pure di non essere l'unica , vorrei , cerco , desidero un gioco sulla vita , semplicemente un gioco dove vivere una vita parallela , sistemare quello che in quella reale non va o non sia possibile realizzare come semplicemente viverla , insomma in parole povere un gioco della vita , una mia vita da costruire o ricostruire e condividere insieme ad altri che come me cercano una cosa tanto semplice e banale da non trovarla mai . Ce chi propone qualcosa di vicino ma pur sempre troppo distante da ciò che per me servirebbe , una piattaforma semplice , intuitiva , che si possa usare senza un pc troppo evoluto e costoso , come sulla Ps4 o Xbox one se sarà possibile , una piattaforma alla quale sia facile accedervi , senza insomma tutto quello che ad oggi si trova in giro , solo 3d ho troppo complicate , troppo pesanti e troppo di troppo di quello che di inutile esiste . Bene ci siano anche giochi e distrazioni varie per passare un poco di tempo con amici o sconosciuti ma alla fine un luogo dove semplicemente sentirsi a casa propria e passare momenti sereni senza preoccuparsi troppo di bollette e impegni che la vita , quella reale , ci regala .
  8. anna

    lost hope

    2019 2020 well I can not wait to start but I'm with who is working and I bring patience in the hope is done a really nice thing after home beta of PS3, other I can not do unfortunately.
  9. I'm looking forward to it and I hope you can use a normal PC.
  10. All possible locations without limits.
  11. Some casual sitting poses would be pretty cool to see. Something along these lines (bottom left is my favorite)
  12. I am a business owner and when i close for the day it stays closed..I'm sorry to hear of Brinks situation but i still stand by what i say ..Positive reports instill positive support ..Negative reports increase negative support ..Basic business standards ..I sincerely hope Avilife is a great success and i continue supporting it and promoting it as a future replacement for PSHome
  13. 4/05/18: Bryson's Jacket 250
  14. Hi EliJane, unfortunately for you and me even business owners and game developers have personal lives of their own and sometimes beyond control things can happen. I would advise that unless you can be supportive you can quietly understand that before Brink is a business owner/developer, he is a human. Thank you.
  15. since no one wants to send in default pose selections.. lol
  16. Personal issue ? That does not instill any faith .Must be professional at all times to run a business
  17. From @Titanborne97
  18. I think it taking longer to come out is a good thing, I look at the mistakes similar virtual worlds made by coming out too early and the little progress they have made over time.
  19. Here's some poses I would like to see: More poses: Pose 1 Poses 1 Poses 2
  20. Hey, No official announcement on the definite release date of AviLife but as it stands it is officially scheduled for a 2019 release. Thanks
  21. I have come to the conclusion that I suck at males so this is what I found omg brink please don’t kill me but it would be cute if the sliders if you did add a height slider, for kids if people were to act as one this is so cute aswell for couplesss! Augh like I said don’t kill me please I
  22. Okay so brink, this is what I got for females I’ll do males but I really like these and hopefully you can take these into consideration cus they are cute, I wasn’t sure if I could put whatever type of (female) pose cus I saw some very explicit cute ones but I didn’t add, although I think this is good enough I might add more later thanks!
  23. Post female poses you would like to see on AviLife.
  24. Post male poses you would like to see on AviLife.
  25. can we have a dark space, an area with a horrific atmosphere. Paranormal or gory it would be awesome.
  26. Can Avilife bring back "Siren: Ward of Despair" from PSHome as an extra place, it used to be a game mode i believe, if not my bad but can you incorporate it in Avilife.
  27. In the game could we have a court space. Where we could attend trials and possibly participate in one, maybe even booking yourself a spot on the role of judge. Maybe take it into consideration, I know this game is a virtual world but it would be awesome to see such a game as real as possible even though we got GTA 5, I think Avilife could make it more fun, more real and somewhat better even though GTA 5 is one of my favourite games. Take the idea and try and implement it, I think it's better if your developers can take your time with the game and possibly delay the release if need be.
  28. Hey, Sorry for the late reply, as it stands AviLife is still set for a 2019 release. Brink has teased a gameplay video soon and releasing WIPs more now so things are back on track after a personal issue. Stay updated with us for the announcement of the Kickstarter and remember that any other information is an educated guess. Thank you.
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