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  1. Brink


    Welcome to the community Lucy!
  2. Brink

    Concert arena

    This is something I wanted to do before I even started AviLife. I was planning to do it as a third party on another game but that never worked out. We 100% will have concerts and festivals in AviLife.
  3. Brink

    Farqy's Introduction

    Welcome to the forums! It's pretty awesome to have you here with us. I have to admit I got pretty excited when I seen Chillax is making a return. It instantly brought me back to the old Home days.
  4. Brink

    AviLife PS5 ?

    Yes, AviLife will be on next gen.
  5. Brink

    Half Avatar Half Creature

    Very cool suggestions Ruby, thanks for sharing these.
  6. Brink

    Here’s my ideas

    I've been rethinking moderation and where it's at right now there will be no in-game moderators. Personally I think there should be a hands off approach, the block tools should be enough for most cases, you can't see their avatar or their chat so they're pretty much invisible. Also, people get offended to easily, if there were moderators in the game I can see many scenarios where someone gets offended by something petty or basic and then runs over to moderators to beg for that person to be banned because you were offended. The block tools are clearly enough for these types of scenarios. Also bringing up the point Stellar made, what if this person who was offended was friends with the mod? more chance of the mod banning someone for something petty where the block system could of handled it just fine. There will also be no guides, if your game needs human guides to stand around and explain how to do basic things then your game has a problem that needs fixing. You shouldn't need humans standing around 24/7 explaining things.. update the game and make the UI easier to understand. The last thing we need is guides standing around thinking they're moderators.. as a previous guide on AU I have seen it first hand. There's way to much of "I'm a guide I know devs I will get you banned" when most of the time it's not even a banable offense and it's just the guide not liking something the person said.
  7. Brink

    AviLife WIP Images

  8. Brink

    Hello from New York :)

    Hey, Welcome to the forums & Thanks for the support!
  9. Brink


    There will be many dances to choose from and yes twerking is in
  10. Brink

    Photo Mode Preview

    Just to confirm for anyone else wondering (I answered Abi's question on FB) the camera can go in all directions!
  11. Brink

    Hello Everyone :)

    Hey nio! Welcome to the forums & thanks for the support!
  12. Brink

    Q&A Transcripts Megathread

    There will be barriers in place to prevent players going to far but generally most spaces will be open to explore.

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