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  1. Brink

    AviLife WIP Images

  2. Brink

    Exit & Entrance Effects

    Entrance/Exit effects will be available in AviLife Here's a preview from the dev build
  3. Brink

    Preview Appearance items before buying them

    We will have 3D previews in the stores
  4. Brink

    a web community for avatars of Avililife

    I'm looking into an in-game social media app for the AviPhone
  5. Brink

    Fly High

    High flying is possible but it won't be available in all spaces due to level design.
  6. Brink

    Have Whisper feature

    We do
  7. Brink

    Interactive Actions Between Players?

    Player interactions will be a thing
  8. Brink


  9. Brink

    Photo upload picture frames

    We have picture frame functionality.. you can't upload but you can use links to a picture that's hosted somewhere else like imgur.
  10. Brink

    Communication outside of the client

    The cross-platform functionality we have is compatible with mobile so we may have something similar to what you suggested sometime after launch.
  11. Brink

    Cross-Platform In-Game Friends List

    Yes, we have an in-game cross-platform friends list.
  12. Brink


    Hi Glenn, welcome to the forum!
  13. Brink

    Just joined! Hello all

    Hey, welcome to the forum

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