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  1. Brink

    Q&A Transcripts Megathread

    There will be barriers in place to prevent players going to far but generally most spaces will be open to explore.
  2. Brink

    Q&A Transcripts Megathread

    Updated to include the latest Q&A.
  3. Brink

    Hello from Italy!

    Hey Erika, welcome to the community! I'm glad you like the look of AviLife so far
  4. Brink

    AviLife WIP Images

  5. Brink

    AviLife WIP Images

  6. Brink

    Dakareto Avalon

    Hi Dakareto, Welcome to the community!
  7. Brink

    AviLife FAQ

    Updated to include cross-play question.
  8. Brink

    AviLife WIP Images

  9. Brink

    AviLife WIP Images

  10. Brink

    AviLife WIP Images

  11. Brink

    AviLife WIP Images

  12. There will be commentary on some future AviLife videos. The video we have coming out this week is just a teaser, once it's ready we will have a longer overview video with commentary. To answer your other question, I'm the founder of FS.
  13. Brink

    Q&A Transcripts Megathread

    Not many people were able to attend the second one because I pushed it forward without much notice, the questions asked were already answered in the first Q&A. The next event will be much later so we should get a better turn out.

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