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  1. But any new content and IMPORTANT announcements posted in discord is then posted to the other communities after... visa versa. That's not new at all so not sure how you don't see that? TILLER has been multi posting his new content always. As far as FAQs, thats on the forums here for you too. I agree this site could use some updating as well and the YouTube channel for content. But if you still referring to the whole community modding announcement situation yes i agree since being that everyone know by now that Brink is AFK ghost it should be the mods own jobs to introduce themselves outside of discord! (Don't worry trust me you are not missing out on anything else in the discord chats). There isn't even much AviLife related talk i assume because Brink isn't around... but again when related content is posted it is then posted outside the discord maybe not every where but it is elsewhere at least. I've noticed it myself.
  2. Oh yes i know he's working on both genders lol i'm just doing a female thread only being that i'm a female.. and noticed there wasn't one already posted. Hopefully somebody is willing to start up a separate posting for the male hairstyle suggestions.
  3. Yesss i liked her hair too. Tayna was a fine character lol
  4. True but i also think Brink clarified this already in another post in this section. I do agree it should be a hands off topic. Peoples' feelings do get involved badly... Moderation needs to be tread lightly.
  5. Hello everyone! New Yorker here I was an active player on PlayStation Home since the very beginning. There was many good times i had on there and i had met some wonderful people on there which i'm still friends with to this day! I am excited for Brink and the rest of the team to be able to bring us a new virtual world that actually looks like it will be similar to PS Home. It's also great to see how responsive and attentive the team is to the community! That is very important. I will continue to keep promoting in any way that i can. We support you! Here's to meeting new people and making new memories. Cheers!! PSN ID: Mixed_Milano Discord: Mixed_Milano#0584
  6. I understand there will be different types of hairstyles but one type that i would REALLY love to see you guys please add in particular is actual curly/kinky hairstyles that look like this collage that i made! (On behalf of us curly/ kinky hair ladies) These hairstyles have either not been accurately done or not done at all, in other console virtual worlds just PC's Imvu and Second Life. **Feel free to attach your own female hairstyles suggestions under this topic**
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