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  1. Allow users have jobs in world like barman ect rental agents ect have weekly community meetings have weekly party’s or events like on Saturday where management run it love have our old clubhouse back original clubhouse i would like a place like old original home square that had the river it was so relexing sitting there chatting maybe have waves in water have place for familys gangs ect so they use the space for there family so they don’t do post ups ect will world have like different servers for EU servers and USA servers like home will you guys have a official fourm on Sony fourms when you pearup with Sony will you do big brother events luke?
  2. Discord should be removed from our screens maybe have a post with link so it don’t brother people
  3. Have a easy way to add people when useing ps4 or Xbox where you can walk up to a user and pop up menu as add block or report have moderators walking around some hidden so people know you guys are there watching have a special jacket for moderators and for management so people know they official have special thing that says (MOD!!) before they writeing have a team of guides that help users and answer questions have a colourful icon for people know they are guides maybe let guides show people around rooms that people can buy before they are released so people see it think wow I get to buy it some with clothes ect Have a few community managers like U.K. manager USA manager Europe manager ect Will you guys aiso have Sony modrators on it aswell if you guys parter up with Sony? Or will you guys just have your own moderators have a good report menu one that works Have a live chat on here or a discord for people that need in game support will we have a official fourm on Sonys fourm if we parter up with them or Xbox will you be able play this without having psn+ or Xbox live
  4. Hi I love be a part of moderator team
  5. Hi I’m sky I looking really forward to this world here’s a bit about me I’m sky I’m 25 from England london. I have learning disability’s and dyspraxia there’s worlds do help me I was in closed home beta I used eu home and USA home i used love this event that was called big brother I’m a guide for atom universe
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