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  1. Hello, Brink! I am here to petition for the recruitment of moderators in the PS4 AviLife community. As time goes on and as this community continues to grow in size, it is only natural to expect a few "bad apples" to come in and start some shit with other members. I can see fights, arguments and disagreements getting out of hand on the community wall. Now, I know you can't be there to monitor this community 24/7...but recruiting some moderators to look after things would be a huge help. Not just people who want the tag, either but I mean people who are going to be there in rotation to keep a watchful eye on things on a DAILY BASIS. I would LOVE to volunteer for this position, but I doubt you would want me as a moderator. Although, I do moderate 3 other PSN communities and do it well. To say the least, you might want to look into this before it becomes a bigger issue in the near future.
  2. Maddie_Muffins


    I'd be down for that.
  3. Maddie_Muffins

    Game Purpose

    I remember PlayStation Home adding a daily activities/challenges system halfway thru it's lifecycle. It featured a points and reward tier structure with level advancement. Something like that would be fine.
  4. Maddie_Muffins

    Introducing Clubs

    So, essentially the same thing as PSN Communities for AviLife. Cool.
  5. Maddie_Muffins

    Block Feature

    I admire this characteristic in people. It's easy to get triggered and baited into an argument. Like @Frost said, it's human nature to defend oneself against attackers and other threats to your character and ego. But to exercise the self discipline and restraint and train yourself to IGNORE that which offends you...that's priceless. But it's nice to have a block feature. For when you need it.
  6. Maddie_Muffins

    Notice: Anti-Marketing Reminder

    I agree and conform to all that, except the "in-game" part. It's not very realistic to impose sanctions of censorship in-game and upon your player base....and expect your moderators to enforce such policy every time they see an active conversation that includes the topics of other virtual world's, excluding your own. At some point, freedom of speech HAS to play a respective role in the world of AviLife. You can't seriously expect to stop players from other virtual world's, logging into AviLife and promoting Second Life, Tower Unite, Avakin Life, Atom Universe, Nebula Realms, Four King's Casino And Slots, Twinity, Blue Mars and so on, in the central hub or plaza. You're not going to suspend or ban people for doing that in-game, are you? I seriously hope not.
  7. Maddie_Muffins


    I could speculate there would probably be a set of default clothing for both male and female genders. Maybe even a limited number of clothing items available in the stores, at launch. But tons and tons? Not likely. People need to remember: a lot of development resources at first, will be allocated to the core features of the game. Thing's like chat, avatar customization, wardrobe, mini games, public and personal spaces, environmental interactions and so on...will need to take priority first, before the stores are fully stocked with merchandise. Everything takes time. Even Atom and Nebula took time to get where they are now. You can't rush development.
  8. Maddie_Muffins

    Game Purpose

    You say you're against segregating users based on status...but from what I understand, that's exactly what you are proposing. Some type of leveling or tier system that would reflect rank or status based on a series of merits and accolades earned, over a period of time. Do you wan't class segregation and elitists? Because that's how you get class segregation and elitists. I cannot support the idea of implementing ANY type of structured hierarchy system, in which players are divided by rank, prestige or status. Games like GTA Online can do it, because THAT'S the nature of the game. There's an objective, a mission, a job and a story driven narrative. You earn money by grinding missions all day. You increase stats by performing certain tasks in game; running/swimming/stamina, shooting/accuracy, etc. You can spend all day sniping for headshots to raise your K/D ratio. And if you do all these things every day for months or years, then you're already better than the player who just picked up the game and started playing on day one. The advantage is instantly in your favor. Now, I can see mini games with this type of structure...fine. But NONE of this belong's in a virtual world, where the main focus is SUPPOSED to be prioritized on SOCIAL INTERACTION, first and foremost. If I wanted all this...I'd simply go play GTA instead. Just my opinion. I'm perfectly fine with players standing around and chatting, if that's what they want to do with their time. I'm fine with players dancing away at a club space or rave all day, if they desire. I'm fine with players shopping in malls and stores, spending money on virtual items and dressing up their avatars. I'm perfectly fine with players who just want to play the mini games and collect rewards. Players should always have a wide array of options at their disposal and none of them should ever be motivated or driven by the need to "keep up with the Jonses" in a constant state of competition with everyone else. That's what mini games and leaderboards are for. Contain your bragging right's to those. Your reference to Nebula and AU, having no point to login on a recurring basis with nothing to do...is a bit narrow minded. Just like it's predecessor before them, PlayStation Home was designed much in the same vein. During my time on Home, I saw a lot of people complaining and saying "there's no point to this game!" Often, newcomers would get bored, confused and leave because they couldn't figure out what Home was supposed to be. Any Home veteran who spent a significant degree of time there, could tell you that Home had no point, no objective, no ultimate goal. Your experience was whatever you made of it. Everyday was a new adventure and you had to make it up as you go, every time you login and spawn. Should we try to make some friends, today? How about join a fam? Should we pursue an online romance? Host a party? Attend a fashion show? Maybe just relax at a personal space and decorate furniture or watch a movie on Crackle? The choices and possibilities were limitless on any given day and just like a "choose your own adventure" book, you become the author of YOUR OWN journey. You craft your own experience on a daily basis...and THAT'S the core of every legitimate virtual world, including Nebula and Atom universe. If you log in and can't find anything to do...then I'd argue that you really aren't trying hard enough.
  9. Maddie_Muffins

    Locking Threads

    Thank you. It is not my intention to impede the staff from doing their job. Please, do what you feel is necessary. I think you and Frost are doing just fine. It seems the removed post was a misunderstanding. My apologies.
  10. Maddie_Muffins

    Locking Threads

    It might be a good idea to encourage and allow discussions to perpetuate several pages, for those who want to keep the conversation going and wish to add to or contribute to the topic. Don't be so eager to lock everything up. People will just start making duplicate threads & topics and those will just get merged and locked and the community might feel like they don't have a voice. Unless people are derailing, trolling, flaming or arguing...there shouldn't really be a reason to lock something off. Just my opinion.
  11. Maddie_Muffins

    Third Party Content

    Would Flammable Studios be welcome to the idea of creating third party content for other virtual world's currently available, or are you strictly for AviLife? You may stand to make a profit outsourcing your content to other platforms as a supplement to AviLife development.
  12. Maddie_Muffins

    Broken things

    It's not necessary to take shots at other developers, Jane. Snuffing someone elses candle out, will not make yours burn any brighter. Xaloc has done well for themselves, in their first year. Especially, being a small dev team with limited resources and given the fact that Nebula is their first attempt at a virtual world. All thing's considered, they're still on the map and will probably be well into their second year, when AviLife finally launches.
  13. Maddie_Muffins

    AviLife WIP Discussion

    After some thought, I've concluded that these avatars look a lot like GTA Online avatars...at the core. Not a bad thing. I Love GTA. I just keep picturing them in tactical armor and assault rifles. LOLZ
  14. Maddie_Muffins

    Broken things

    In other word's, there will be bugs and other game related issues, just like the other virtual world's. This is an expected fact in the world of social apps and MMO's of this nature. Especially, when you're constantly adding new content to the game. In essence, AviLife should follow the same protocol. Discover a bug, report it, development fixes it, they issue a patch. Wash, rinse, repeat. Quality is relative to value. If you find value in something, you deem it's quality in worth and potential. Don't crucify the developer for every little game related issue. Bugs can be fixed. Even Brink will probably tell us that software development is not an easy thing to navigate, let alone for the common layman.
  15. Maddie_Muffins

    Clubs Question

    Aside from reporting an individual, will there be other tools available to players such as block and ignore? Other virtual worlds employ a block mechanism that makes the intended person disappear from the other. Will you be emulating similar tools in this game? Will you have active in game moderation? Will they be visible or invisible to the players? What will be their role in the game, exactly?

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