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  1. I will admit you are telling the truth on what you said about how people will leave and quit the game on nebula realms which some people has done that already because of how the people feel about the nebula realms game that people aren’t gonna wanna be on it because of how boring it is that they rather play something else all because People feel that when avilife comes out that not many people are gonna wanna play nebula realms anymore that they will Eventually lose a lot of people that nebula realms will finally shut there game down and basically there will no longer have Nebula Realms anymore from what I heard the people talking about
  2. You right I do agree with you on nebula Realms do be ignoring people and plus avilife avatar’s look so much better then nebula realms avatar’s and I’m so glad these people who is creating this game for us cared enough to give us something better unlike nebula realms who isn’t putting enough effort into making there game and avatar’s and it’s like they think we will Settle for some cheap crappy Bootleg game copy that Freezes and kick people off the game they need better developer’s on there team helping them with this game I’m not sure who sketches and design for nebula realms avatar’s there obviously aren’t a good Artist designer when it come’s to creating a game to our liking it’s suppose to be what the Customer want’s matter’s at least I thought but it seems like to me they more focus on the clothe’s instead of fixing the game up all together I have try to reach out to them to get them to understand where we are coming from in a nicely Manner
  3. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ffec-eLPz8I it would be nice if us females could get a booty like this one That is showing in the video and when us females are wearing our bikinis that our butt to look like this one and see how her booty is showing out of her bikini that's because Her butt don’t look flat that it actually looks like a actual booty just like the one I think we should have I will post another one on the next video please like this post if you agree or you can also a comment on this video if you think this is great for us to have on avilife as female avatars we should be able to get something better now since we are in a new generation and we don’t always have to look like PlayStation home anymore that we can finally look better then we did before and now that we are finally adults that we get to look how we wanna look no more looking like kidish cartoon that don’t look real like actual real people like this one that I have seen on nebula realms there’s look so not real everything about that game looks cheap as if they didn’t have enough money to give us something better after everything we have paid them for and we still can’t get nothing better then what avilife is giving us which do I support avilife
  4. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ESCshmyIcK4I have a video for all females they will like I think it would be nice if you gave us nice big breast and a nice big booty for all types like fat women to skinny women just like in the video if you watch it to the end you will see the skinny avatar woman have have big nice breast and booty that’s with the avatar body that would make it look better on the avatars that y’all have made for us if you don’t mind doing this for us out of the kindness of y’all heart since y’all was enough to give us this avilife game and so we can choose the size of our breast like this one which I love to there size to match up with the avatar body so us woman can look Incredible with butt movement when we walk wearing our clothes
  5. I have video of amazing Daz3d female avatar for Avilife it will bring more Customers around if you give us this sexy animation walk with strut movement in the game like the one in the video https://Youtu.be/WvBdBA7buV0nd
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