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  1. EliJane


    I love highlights in my hair so that would be great for me ..Love the fact that hair and some clothes will be colour derivable
  2. EliJane

    the Ken man has arrived

    Hi Ken Welcome to the Forum
  3. EliJane

    Introducing Clubs

    Yes it would seem the same sort of thing as a PSN Community,,Cool
  4. EliJane

    AviLife WIP Discussion

  5. EliJane

    Discord Bot Issue

    Talking about Discord is it my imagination or has the forum started to die since Discord was introduced ? What i mean is it seems members are using Discord instead of the forum ..
  6. EliJane


    as a singer /songwriter may i suggest a theme song for Avilife
  7. EliJane

    Hi everyone, from the UK

    Hi Arwen Welcome to the Forum ..Im in the uk too ..
  8. EliJane

    General suggestions

    Agree Frost ..Apologies
  9. EliJane

    Discord Bot Issue

    There is absolutely no reason to apologise from either of you .I'm not perturbed or any way upset about this .I'm more into the forum than a separate chat ..Have a great Day
  10. EliJane

    General suggestions

    Hi Tubi .You say Glitching is allowed on NR But they still say it's against their TOS
  11. EliJane

    AviLife WIP Discussion

    Lol i tried everything on GTA to improve my Avatar but to no avail .
  12. EliJane

    AviLife WIP Discussion

    Everyone likes a good JUMP
  13. EliJane

    Dances + Poses

    Some other games have Couple dances and poses like cuddle .kiss.etc..What are AviLife going to include ?

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