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  1. I am a business owner and when i close for the day it stays closed..I'm sorry to hear of Brinks situation but i still stand by what i say ..Positive reports instill positive support ..Negative reports increase negative support ..Basic business standards ..I sincerely hope Avilife is a great success and i continue supporting it and promoting it as a future replacement for PSHome
  2. Personal issue ? That does not instill any faith .Must be professional at all times to run a business
  3. EliJane


    Hi John welcome to the forum .Just make sure you Don't post in the wrong topic like i did and get a permanent Warning
  4. I'm sorry that the forum didn't work out for you, but at the same time I am very glad that you decided to still use AviLife. Do you still use Nebula Realms?

    1. EliJane


      Yes i use Nebula Reams and IMVU ..the forum is not my problem its the owner/ceo or whatever he is Brink is an arsehole in his own admition he states if i had posted my complaint in a different post i would not have got an official WARNING So i get a warning for posting in the wrong subject post ?  ffs  ..SMH 

  5. Scared to say anything now... don't think i will be on here much longer
  6. I'm not a happy Bunny at this moment in time :classic_angry:

    1. Glitter


      Hopefully you feel better.

    2. Reaper


      What Glitter said... Feel better ❤️

    3. EliJane


      Im not Ill but thks for your concern 


  7. I also saw threats of Phishing ,,hacking ..etc on Nebula and as i'm a friend of Nebula head mod reported direct to him ..Have to say that the people i reported for this have not been seen since ..So good work on your part and keep it up no matter what site you are on
  8. Hi Miity i'm also in the UK and like you an EX pshome Fanatic //Welcome to the Avilife Forum
  9. Nebula made the mistake of setting a launch date and had to rush it through and it crashed after 10 minutes ..So in my humble opinion it's not wise to state a launch date until it's completely ready for launch
  10. I like Bowling ..Chess ..Draughts ( checkers)..,Darts ..,I would like pool if they included British pool and not just USA pool ..I did like the rocket type race game on home ( can't remember it's name).
  11. Yes but uniforms of which Country ? I sincerely hope that Avilife is not USA only inspired items like the other virtual games
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