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  1. EliJane

    Demo ?

    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Always promoting
  2. EliJane

    VIP area like x7

    Yes I loved X7 it was the only decent place to be on NA server ...The Eu server had separate Community spaces for each of the 27 EU countries with a bowling Alley and Pool tables That was Good ,,Home square on EU was amazing
  3. EliJane

    Avilife Theme

    The only THEME should be just a General Theme Like A town Scene or something in nature
  4. EliJane

    Sharing Homes with friends

    I'm sure they will have houses etc that you can invite your friends too
  5. EliJane

    Ciao Ama!! (Hello Loves)

    Hi Foxy ,,,good to see you on here and welcome to the forum
  6. EliJane

    Exit & Entrance Effects

    Great and like the above 4kings is a terrible game but the exit effects were good
  7. EliJane

    PVP Fighting Game

    I'm up for anything that stops individuals and Fams fighting/roasting in public spaces
  8. EliJane


    Would be good as I go on top Deck of my Mighty cruise ship ( OOPS ) sorry im dreaming
  9. EliJane

    Concerning body customization/ other things

    I Always try to make my Avatar look as much like me as possible
  10. EliJane

    Partner/couple Interaction locomotion

    AWW SOUNDS LIKE YOU NEED A HUG ,,,Yes it would be cool
  11. EliJane

    Hello all!!!!

    Hi Jason ..I'm sure i know you from Home and Nebula and IMVU ? LOL
  12. EliJane

    Gameplay coming soon.

    Looking forward to seeing it
  13. EliJane

    No more Stagnant items

    Maybe Have a Charity /.Thrift shop to donate unwanted items for Less fortunate players to buy at a cheap price
  14. EliJane

    Hello there!

    Hi Slade A warm welcome to the forum
  15. EliJane

    Hello from your new Community Manager

    Congrats Sari ..Best wishes

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