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  1. Monkey_3rd

    Minigame suggestions

    A minigame like mercia Realms or neverwinter
  2. Monkey_3rd

    PS4 Community Moderator

    Kickstarter campaign?
  3. Monkey_3rd


  4. Monkey_3rd


    Make a bubble machine
  5. Monkey_3rd

    Greetings daily

    Howdy guys, I say you good Sunday
  6. Monkey_3rd

    Get A FAQ Started ASAP

    Non vedo la necessità di nudità, preferisco contenuti e cose da fare giornalmente. Ma si sa il tempo per lo sviluppo è davvero troppo. Comunque in bocca al lupo per il vostro progetto. Translated by Frost: I do not see the need for nudity, I prefer content and things to do daily. But we know the time for development is really too much. Anyway, good luck for your project.
  7. Monkey_3rd


    Hi to all, i'm from Italy. i red on facebook about your project. good luck for this and yours lives. i stay tuned

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