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  1. Shanahuntress

    Have Whisper feature

    Have whipster feature on the chat box
  2. it would be great to have when you started game the avatar all ready automatically has it the features.
  3. will you guys add gampad support on the pc ?
  4. lets users connect their game avatars with each other. Avatars can interact and share experiences by sending messages, blogging, discussing topics and uploading photos and videos. They can also join or create groups and organize in-game events. integration with social media app stay all connection with.
  5. Shanahuntress

    Default wall textures -> Canvas

    (I searched before posting, hopefully I’m right that this is a new suggestion)We should be able to use the selection of textures that the condo walls have on the canvas parts, for use cases such as: Building wall extensions, Carpets, Doorways ,etc.
  6. That way, people using different languages would be able to chat with each other in peace. It’d also help reduce the amount of messages going through the main global chat channel.
  7. Shanahuntress

    Wear multiple accessories at once

    basically remove the 1 at time situation for accessories and allow the player to pile up as many hats, pool floats, and glasses as they can possible carry.
  8. Shanahuntress

    View number of owned items in stores

    would be a pretty great Quality of Life addition to be able to see how many of each item you owned while browsing a store’s inventory.
  9. Shanahuntress

    Closing chat clears the typed message

    lose a chat so that I may quickly type something new. I just think it’d be cleaner to have closing chat clear what was typed, and say you wanted to save the message, you could just copy paste it, as I usually do that before clearing as the situation is usually: I’d go to type something, something else gets said and I wish to respond to that first, so I copy the message and say that first, then paste the message and finish it afterwards
  10. I would like to see this
  11. Shanahuntress

    personal space sugestions

    like the sim city?
  12. Shanahuntress


    Have a double layer section add more than one clothing item, like.. a shirt and a jacket on it put tattoos anywhere we want of the body. Body art customize customize eye size, eye color and details. customize the height & weight. customize the skin tone. That we're able to purchase extra stuff for it, like hair styles (but we do need to have a few default ones to get started).
  13. Shanahuntress

    Photo upload picture frames

    have photo/picture frames to hang on the walls in your personal spaces which allows you to upload your own picture! This would work great with PS4 as we could use screenshots. add media input like add imgur

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