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  1. Hyoga

    Concert arena

    The voice is amazing congratulations .
  2. Hyoga


    Oh yeah the bubble machine
  3. Hyoga

    Q&A Transcripts Megathread

    That's true, EU Home had some troublemakers, but usually it was more quiet and friendly. I have seen in Nebula and i heard about Home US , that peoples are/were annoying and too much into "fams" rather than just talk and meet new friends ... I will play AviLife but yes it could be better if we have EU and US servers .
  4. Hyoga

    have microphone symbol

    In my opinion its not a good idea allowing microphone ingame, you already have the party chat PS4, in my opinion its a mess when peoples talk with microphone ingame, and also no one write message its boring .
  5. Hyoga


    Really great !!
  6. Hyoga


    I dont know if we will be able to change the color of each clothes, but RGB is the best color option so we can make the exact color we want for our clothes . About hairstyles, add RGB for "eccentric" colors , and "realistic" colors if we want the color as realistic as possible because with RGB i think its difficult to have a decent blond, or brown haired .
  7. Hyoga

    Block Feature

    Im not a big fan of blocking feature but that's my opinion . In Home we had only mute and it was enough for me . Block meaning the peoples disappears and its not how i imagine a social game, in real life you can't block peoples, in Home i just mute and leave if really they harass me . But again thats only my opinion.
  8. Hyoga

    AviLife WIP Discussion

    I really like that apparently we can jump ?! Thats really cool , and also the walk/run animations are realistic !!
  9. Hyoga


    I hope they will put like Home did at least 4 or 5 free haircuts for both male and female with short,medium,long hair at the lauch. Because in NR for example there is only 2 ugly haircuts for free . So if we have to wait some weeks/months for new hairstyles better we have something nice to start with lol . About clothes, yes its normal to wait a little bit for more contents, in Home we waited 3 months i think it was March 2009 for new clothes after the lauch in December 2008 .
  10. Hyoga

    Multi-language ?

    Ok thanks
  11. Hyoga

    Multi-language ?

    I wonder if AviLife will be translated at least in the 5 main languages . (English) French,Spanish,German,Italian ? I know for example that many French peoples don't play NR because of that, because its only in English . In PSHome it was better because everything was translated in French for us, and same for the Casino ... A lot of peoples still don't talk and don't understand English unfortunately ... What's your plan about it ? Thanks
  12. Hyoga

    AviLife WIP Discussion

    I really like everything, its look awesome !
  13. Hyoga

    Hi from France

    Thank you guys .
  14. Hyoga

    Hi from France

    Hi, i just discovered AviLife yesterday and what a great surprise ! I was a PSHome user since 2008 until 2015, and on PS4 i was on Nebula Realms but disapointed by somethings to be honest . I can't wait for AviLife ! The avatars really looks great PS Home vibes .And even if i dont have an Xbox at the moment , i think its great if the game will be also on this support . Good luck to you i wish you the best .

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