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  1. Frost


    Lol what a strange video
  2. Frost

    General suggestions

    I agree @Tubifex-90 that would all be super cool, or at least our twists on them It most likely will not all be there in one shot at the start and launch of the game, but eventually it would be fantastic to see a lot of these ideas especially those from PlayStation Home. @EliJane and @Tubifex-90 Lets keep the topic about things we can incorporate into AviLife, and not specific discussions about what is or is not allowed in other worlds the topic seems to be going astray. Thanks!
  3. Frost


    I think that would create a mess imo. If you think about it other games generally don't do this as it is costly, and without question creates a mess when you have to create objects and create posters that read in every particular language. English is fine. Those that choose to speak something else among their own friends is cool too, but to create a space of every language just to appease each linguistic is over the top.
  4. Frost

    Block Feature

    Super happy you have never needed to use the block option, that's good. I believe that the block option does not allow you to bump into anyone, the intention was to have avatars unload completely as if they did not exist in the server including removing the collision, but I could be wrong. I can speak for AviLife alone. As far as only seeing one-side to a conversation I don't think that's frustrating at all, especially when compared to whether or not it's more frustrating to have to tolerate a person being around if all they do is spread negativity your way. I think having to see a person talk to themselves is less of a worry, than having to put up with misbehavior. The concept is pretty relative to a person in real life with earphones in that you can't see. They are walking around talking, but to who? about what? - from your perspective it's a person talking to thin air till you realize "Oh they have earphones in - phew!", think of this as the same thing. The block button is like earphones, creating a barrier between a conversation you want nothing to do with, or with a person you want nothing to do with. Best analogy I could give lol! I believe silencing can be used if a person only disrupts your play by antagonizing you with offensive words. While the block button can be used if a person spams you with invites, harasses you, or trolls by dancing on your avatar which can get pretty annoying sometimes!
  5. Well it's not a matter of how many will take advantage, as simply signing up and playing makes it a requirement, as you must create a new display name to enter. This is what the world will see as your name.
  6. Frost


    I don't know if the developers have something like this planned, but I'm sure eventually they'll give mention on how they plan to handle this. The project is still way way way early in it's development, so we've got a ways to go! Lol.
  7. Frost

    Block Feature

    Yeah exactly the premise behind it. Pretty good for those that want to use it.
  8. Frost

    Block Feature

    I hear you, however the block option will be there, as it's extremely helpful in preventing arguments, and fights. At the end of the day we're all human, and it's within our scientific nature to defend ourselves when we feel cornered. This will help prevent that inclination. If two people who don't get along cannot see each other, that's one less argument or issues anyone is having. It also helps prevent trolls from being able to pester people if they cannot see the people they were aiming to pester. This will eventually make them bored of what they are doing, and move onto perhaps not trolling anymore, or not using the service for that intention. If anyone harasses you we'd hope you'd definitely report that so that we may review it right away, because we wouldn't want that kind of behavior transpiring anywhere around us, or our users.
  9. Frost

    Block Feature

    We understand all kinds of members will join AviLife we anticipate. Having said that the entire staff team will be ready to watch over members the moment the first avatar ever loads in we will always be watching over you guys. As always thanks for your awesome ideas though, glad it was one we were already prepared to commit to.
  10. Frost

    Block Feature

    We hear you completely! The block feature will definitely be there for people to make use of! We also want you all to know that AviLife will not ever come to "riots" and free-roam rule breaking. We genuinely care, and take pride in a world the dev team is building, and would have at that time built, and will take very good care of it to ensure no community members ever feel the way you currently say other worlds make you feel. We've got your back!
  11. @Glitter was @Brink able to answer your question fully?
  12. Frost

    Broken things

    @Bc724 Was I able to answer your question?
  13. Frost

    Variety of Sandals

    We've taken notice! You're a true Sandal fan! They are a must for beaches, and for casual wear! So I expect we will be seeing them in-game at some point where we can focus on them fear not!
  14. Frost

    AviLife WIP Discussion

    Glad you think so :D, and yes you can jump !
  15. Frost


    As shared in the discord, those will be the default tops for females, and similar for males, minus the Stars Bikini of course; but yes default items will be a thing, and those are them (as far as tops go at least). There will definitely be a plethora of clothing over time, of different styles. The whole premise is to allow players to express themselves (style wise) how they'd like to do so. Disallowing that would kind of defeat the purpose. Having said that I do think that expecting a ton of clothing when this is launched is a bit unrealistic given that as @Maddie_Muffins stated other features will 100% take priority over clothing that will come likely at a later time, when we're able to focus on that more, and less on getting the actual world to a point where it is working in it's entirety. I'm unsure at what rate updates for clothing, and other content will occur, but you have to remember PS Home: 1. Started with very limited clothing in it's initial launch. 2. By the time most people joined that currently miss it and compare this to it, there were tons of developers releasing content on the off-times of other developers. It was like every week was a different 3rd party, in a pattern. We do not yet have that luxury, so the most near content will likely be all original things, till the other developers that will join, do so.

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