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  1. anna


    Of barriers there are already so many in life that think only for a moment to put them here and something that goes beyond human stupidity, I think you should instead strive to put a translator you can use in case of need, if someone thinks it is appropriate to use A single language, not only stupid but also one that does not understand that the richness of all of us is in our diversity and that in that we must recognize all...:)
  2. anna

    Minigame suggestions

    Mini games with theme music and dances to be done in company with lots of music in the disco clubs with dance floors and giant screens where to watch video clips, bars with tables where to play that I know chess checkers or just to talk but always listening to music sitting comfortably on the Couch, solo and only music.
  3. anna

    AviLife WIP Discussion

    At the moment the best avatars I see them on achat and of course in his time on home beta, just pity that it is limited, better AVI and better movements would be a nice binomial:) But anyway go I can't wait to leave in this new adventure:)
  4. anna

    AviLife FAQ

    It certainly takes a thriving economy and that is why among the many important things there must be a real interest from those who manage the platform to propose things and interesting objects and not as in the last period of home beta of real junk , avoid the continuous overlap of proposals more or less equal, which happens when the programmers and not only the desire to do and lies in the past successes without a vision of the future.
  5. anna

    Time of day ( Atmosphere /Customization For PS)

    My desire and that you can create a family, I know and ask a lot but even if a chat are born always small great loves, likes and dislikes, we are first of all people with our strengths and weaknesses, I do not see how it could be otherwise and omit the Sentime NTI and the mistake that many platforms make, including home.
  6. anna

    AviLife Competition

    I went to see but I do not convince and I see it as a photocopy of second never used because too complicated, in my opinion the first feature for a certain success must be in the simplicity of the commands and home was done well and very intuitive as in the chat 3d where I am or now although very limited is simple and functional, I can not wait for AVI to start and if the premise are those declared I hope and I expect a real revolution in the virtual world:)
  7. anna

    players First look Beta

    I share a lot of what you say, home was fantasy and freedom to express yourself even if limited to me in certain social aspects, now I'm in a 3d chat where I can still express my freedom and certain social aspects (not all) but poor in spaces , I hope that in AVI we can accomplish many things from spaces to freedom and finally give space to certain social aspects.
  8. anna

    players First look Beta

    The risk there is as for all things, I think that the more they will collect and realize the various ideas more avilife can face the challenge, personally aspire to a virtual life predominantly social and familiar but are only a voice, at the beginning I would be enough that not Both the junk I saw in Atom and then in Nebula, two horrible copies of home.
  9. anna

    AviLife FAQ

    All failed because of bad copies of home and done well, on Avilife hope and that you go beyond has home and for over create a real alternative life and not only games clothes and especially useless things just to make cash .
  10. anna

    Demo ?

  11. anna

    Demo ?

    Nell'achat dove andare per anni parlo e informare su Avilife, quindi, non appena si lascia con il Kickstarter spero che posso fare la mia parte anche se piccolo, mi auguro che come me ci sono altri per dire e far conoscere questa nuova opportunità.
  12. anna

    anna :)

    I like Anna and I write from Italy, I am one of the many people who regrets home and this new platform makes me hope for something really new, that knows how to take the best from the experience made in home and add much of what was missing on home, my experience made in 10 years (2 of which In another 3d platform) after its closure has never made me stop looking for something that goes beyond being in a virtual world opening up to a real experience at 360 degrees without forgetting the feelings, the only real engine for success , in my humble opinion, or the failure of any initiative, forget that behind each AVI there is a person with their dreams and somehow to be able to accomplish for me is the real challenge that you have to pose who designs and who like us then makes use , HAPPY 2019 AT ALL . Piacere Anna e scrivo dall'Italia , io sono una delle tante persone che rimpiange home e questa nuova piattaforma mi fa sperare in qualcosa di veramente nuovo , che sappia prendere il meglio dall'esperienza fatta in home e aggiunga molto di ciò che mancava su home , la mia esperienza fatta in 10 anni ( 2 dei quali in altra piattaforma 3D ) dopo la sua chiusura non mi ha mai fatto smettere di cercare qualcosa che vada al di là di stare in un mondo virtuale aprendo ad una vera e propria esperienza a 360 gradi senza dimenticare i sentimenti , l'unico vero motore per il successo , a mio modesto parere , o il fallimento di qualsiasi iniziativa , dimenticare che dietro ad ogni AVI c'è una persona con i propri sogni e in qualche modo poterli realizzare per me è la vera sfida che si deve porre chi progetta e chi come noi poi ne fa uso , FELICE 2019 A TUTTI .

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