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  1. Rzarcasm


    Welcome to the forums, AviLife does not have a set date, but it is said that it will be released in 2019.
  2. Rzarcasm

    Hello from the netherlands

    Welcome to the forums!
  3. Rzarcasm


    No problem! Here is another thread on this in suggestions:
  4. Rzarcasm

    Closing chat clears the typed message

    This would be a unique feature, I know some games have it to where you can enable and disable when chat is exited, the message that was typed disappeared. Everyone has their own preference, so if it were introduced I think it should be an option that the player can choose, but by default keep the message in the box regardless of clicking out of it.
  5. Rzarcasm

    Male Hairstyle Suggestions

    I think a lot of modern styles definitely need to be included in the game. This is a good list. This has to be my favorite.
  6. Rzarcasm

    Detaching clothing without going to wardorbe

    I see, you basically want a menu that can be activated with right click and allows you do interact with your avatar in various ways including clothing removal with accessory sections / left arm / right arm? I can see something like this coming in handy. I like it.
  7. Rzarcasm

    Female make up Suggestions

    Yeah, I think different makeup styles are essential for the game.
  8. Rzarcasm


    Hmm, I just saw this. You might be in luck!
  9. Rzarcasm

    Country Flags

    While I'm almost certain this is already going to be a feature, I would definitely like to see this on user profiles.
  10. Rzarcasm

    avi life clothes and apartmends

    This might not be possible on a console because of all the designing work that might need to go into creating your pattern etc. Sounds like you would have to put a lot into educating the user and then executing these possibilities into the game. This is definitely more possible on the PC rather than a console.
  11. Rzarcasm

    allow text wall and sticker on wall

    It'd need to work with the in-game filter, whether that be switched on or off for the player. But, interesting idea.
  12. Rzarcasm

    walking styles/item

    Different animations packs would be cool in the future.
  13. Rzarcasm

    Candy land

    I can definitely see this as being available during seasonal events. This post is making me crave.
  14. I enjoyed seeing the different patterns that were applied to the clothing. Very keen work! Not to worry, I'm sure this set isn't to encourage any kind of bad behavior or soliciting to join families. Some people enjoy this kind of style of clothing and it adds some realism to the game.
  15. Rzarcasm

    AviLife Game 2019

    Yes it is very exciting to see another game other than the ones that we've seen. Nothing really compares to PS Home, but this game seems like it is definitely going in the right direction. You should probably continue to check out the work in progress threads and Discord, this will give you a better idea of what the developers are working on for the game.

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