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  1. I respectfully disagree with a lot of this. I really hope there are not a ton of "moderators" hiding or in plain sight hanging around with special jackets and name tags. I would prefer if there was a good reporting system in place, then the moderation handled from the back end, out of sight. People are corrupt, moderators standing around socializing with the public would get corrupted, or perceived to be so, or targeted. It's a bad idea, and it creates a lot of jealousy when "chosen" people get to walk around with special titles to lord over others with. Even if they have good intentions, it always happens. And there are other games currently that have "community" leads with special tags, and whenever I see them, they aren't even socializing with the community. I have yet to see this concept in practice in positive way. Except for when the developers of a game surprise folks and show up, but that's about it.
  2. Welcome @Skykasparishere !
  3. I believe community members should wait until there is an open application for a position posted, then apply to it. Instead of asking for a position in a forum topic or in the discord chat.
  4. Welcome to the community @MixedMilanoSlim !
  5. I actually couldn't find the site either and also have been looking for it. It was @Tiller who shared the link in the discord chat. And yeah, a lot of these items are either from that last batch of free ps home items, billabong, or lockwood. Lots of good memories while looking through that site!
  6. Hi, Here are some items I used a lot on PS Home. I used Alphazone as my source. Hoping to see a few items like this in Avilife. Thanks for the consideration!
  7. I'm liking the realistic style to the clothes. Will there be some female options available as well?
  8. I don't know, I don't see it as such a terrible thing to have some sort of system in place. It doesn't have to be anything that is really impactful to hierarchy. Maybe just a simple badge system for time active. Or you get badges/points for random accomplishments each day (dance in the club, visit a friend's space, etc.). It doesn't have to be that dramatic, and might give you a few things to do each day. Maybe it unlocks some rewards over time...etc. There really isn't anything elitist about achieving rank 10 on your "dailies" in a social game. Just some friendly bragging rights maybe. Doesn't stop anyone from just standing around and chatting. No harm no foul... And I don't think this is the same as someone being made an MVP or some sort of rank with a special icon above their head that cannot be achieved "in-game" and is only assigned by the developer. I think that comparison was made in this thread before, but that is entirely different.
  9. Another feature that 4 Kings has is the exit animations. For example, an animated puff of smoke when you leave a space. I think that would be a neat thing to incorporate into AviLife, or even entrance animations when you join space.
  10. Stellar

    My Intro

    I was an avid user of PS Home on PS3 and a casual player on the similar games currently on PS4. I've been involved with a few other communities and forums related to social games - as a member, and as staff. I learned about this site through word of mouth. My understanding is that this is a project being undertaken by a fan, on their own time and funding. So I have to give props to what has been accomplished up to this point. Hopefully, down the road, you get some crowd funding/additional support to help take this to finish line. The W.I.P. media shared so far looks promising. I think there is an advantage here because there have already been other similar games in last few years to view as an example of what has worked - and what has not worked. I'll be checking in to see the progress, good luck!
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