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  1. susika

    Avilife Theme

    PLEASE DON'T make the main Theme of Avilife to a galactic think like in Atom Universe and Nebula Realms it's afwul and I'm sure that I'm not the only one who wants to avoid it. You can sure create it for those who like Galaxy things, but add it as one of the Public Spaces we can go. Or in the Shop for those who wanna buy it as their Privat Space.
  2. susika


    I think the Wardrobe system of Playstation 3 Home always good, it was easy and simple.
  3. do you mean this one?
  4. susika


    Hello Avilife, i have a Suggestion for House, if you can remember the Luxury Weekend Lake House of Playstation 3 Home. At sea and surrounded by Tree at behind with a beautiful garden way along green bushes and lights, that heading to Trees. It was one of the best retreat spaces ever, alot of people loved it and it was my favorite House. I have posted a few pictures that similar, and some other examples too! It does not have to be that huge or overloaded with furnitures, what's the matter is it has nice atmosphere, that people feel comfortable staying there. You can generate it with some lights. ht
  5. I'm susika, how is everyone? i was since 2010 active on PS Home, i like that kind of games and can't wait to play it. I'm very happy.
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