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  1. Are you sure that your friend just didn't give his psn info out to someone he "trusted". The possibility of someone just magically obtaining your information and magically getting on your account and stealing it is very much slim to none. You can't just pull that information out of nowhere. There also aren't any "hackers", those kids that throw DDoS threats around aren't hackers, and considering there is no jailbreak for the PS4 that's online at this time (as you can still ONLY play stuff offline with no PSN access) that would mean that there is no "hacks" going on.
  2. Horror always my favorite genre
  3. Sony doesn't have a say though, it's not technically THEIR choice, E3 IS trademarked however, so permission from the company whom organizes it (Entertainment Software Association). Sony is a member of ESA, but they're only a member and have no say in what goes on with the company as a whole as it has its own council. Who you would have to ask for such permissions though, that I'm unsure of. The task itself would probably be nightmarish.
  4. Reaper

    AviLife WIP Discussion

    The effects are lovely
  5. As of right now there's no release date for anything right now (that includes the game, the trailer, the Kickstarter and anything else associated with AviLife). However there will be a gameplay video coming out soon! Stay tuned!
  6. Nice to see you here Jason! Glad you got the hang of the forums a little! Hope you enjoy your stay here with us!
  7. This site doesn't require a Mod at this time as the website isn't as used as the other means of social interaction such as the PS4 Community and Discord server. Hence why we don't have Mods on here (Except cocoa which has had Mod for a long while now and that's a different situation) Thank you for the suggestion though!
  8. Hi Mary welcome to the forums! Things like the Kickstarter won't be happening until the games trailer is done. After that other things will follow through! Hope you have a wonderful time here with us! We appreciate the support!
  9. Thanks Jane, however at this time, as the forums and Facebook groups are used less then the Discord and PSN Community, at this current time there will be no Moderators for either Facebook nor the Forums (except probably Cocoa whom had the position ages ago which is a different situation.) Also to put this out there, Discord is not unsafe, they do give a lot of their data to government agencies to stop what they claim are terrorist organizations that form on Discord. But that's the only thing their data is used for at this time. It's safe to use no matter what that "internet security" claims.
  10. Thanks for the reply Shadow. My Mod position is only recent however, and I'm not too bothered by the lack of my position being shown on the Forums as the majority of anything posted tends to be done through the Discord, PSN Community, or on occasion posted to the Facebook Group. As the forum doesn't tend to need too much moderating for the moment as this community is still growing, I'm not too bothered that my position isn't shown on here. But thank you for the suggestions either way!
  11. As Brink has been busy with other things he probably doesn't have the time to update the site Staff.
  12. Really love the look of this project so far. Can't wait to see if and when this game blow everything else out of the water.
  13. I personally love the idea behind it, and can't wait to see what it has to offer, we all need a new Home... Feels like it's been way too long.
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