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  1. Generally, IP sniffing is done through PS4 party chats. Once they have your IP, they can boot you from anywhere. But no one can local sniff IP's from within Nebula Realms, itself. Any claim to the contrary...is fake news. To that extent, I'd recommend NOT joining party chats with people you don't know or trust. This also applies to online lobbies, communities, forums, apps and any other venue where your IP address can potentially be exposed and accessed. Always use a reliable VPN when possible and link it to your PS4 if you can. If you really feel threatened, then do your research and take the necessary precautions. Just some advice.
  2. I believe the question was "What features do you want to see in the main Square/Plaza/Hub?" 1) Advertisement, marketing and promotional posters as well as billboards and video screens. This contributed to a large part of Home's success. There's just no reason NOT to be advertising 3rd party content, your own content, mini games, events and sponsored promotions/affiliates WITHIN your virtual world. 2) A community event board, where devs and players both can post any event, gathering, party, club recruitment and so on. Home had one of these and due to it's misuse and abuse...it was eventually pulled and never to be returned. However, because AviLife will be rated MA-17+ and geared toward a more mature adult audience...it is MY belief and opinion that this community and player base CAN handle such a feature. The devs can and should make appropriate adjustments or modifications to the event board, including moderation of any toxic, inflammable and spam posts, whenever necessary. 3) A large and flamboyant dance floor with selectable music tracks should be an obvious and welcome feature. 4) At least one primary mini game with leaderboard, exclusive that area. I'm not familiar with the other regions of Home but the NA Home Central Plaza had Saucer Pop and that was pretty popular among it's players. 5) Storefronts; access points to other public spaces - Mall, Theater, Bowling Alley, Arcade, etc. All core areas should be immediately and visually accessible directly from the Square/Plaza/Hub. Other districts can branch off from other areas outside the Plaza. 6) A couple database terminals on opposite ends of the Plaza. This database would include pretty much everything to do with AviLife, not to be confused with the tutorial...more like a universal information center. 7) A monument or tribute wall inscribed with all the names of the kickstarter backers, in some form or fashion. These people should definitely be recognized and immortalized within the game. 8 ) Seating arrangements designed to bring people together. I was a huge fan of the Home Central Plaza bench. Glitching and standing on top, by some very unique and talented people. I met some of my best friends and acquaintances on that bench and it was the first place I would go, after spawning into the plaza.
  3. That was just me speculating, a guess. Not an actual launch timeframe.
  4. Straight from the AviLife developer, Luke Brink... "I know people are desperately waiting for new info and for the game to release but we're not about to push out an unfinished game with half of it's features missing and no content. Even though we still have a kickstarter to get through we're currently working on 5 different public spaces, 3 different mini games with tons of rewards and a bunch of personal spaces as well as the core features. For those wondering why we haven't launched a kickstarter yet, we have all seen what happens when kickstarters get launched without enough cool content to show.. We want the kickstarter to be a major success and for that to happen we need to show all the cool content - social features, minigames, rewards, spaces, etc. Yes, it will take time and there may be delays but it's going to be worth the wait. As the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto put it - A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad." Based on that, I would speculate a 2020 launch...probably 4th quarter. You have to understand development takes time. Creating an ample supply of content takes time, as well. Then you got alpha & beta testing, sending the game off to Sony and Microsoft for QA which takes time cuz if they find any bugs, they will send it back to the developers to fix...and assuming there are no delays (which there probably will be) then you have to submit to Sony and Microsoft for an official publish date to be released in the store for download. That's not even counting the kickstarter for adequate funding, that still has to be done. So yeah, Luke is 100% correct in taking the time needed for a quality product as opposed to rushing something out, full of bugs with limited content, just to satisfy public demand. This is not a reason to lose faith or interest in the game or developers. AviLife WILL come....when it's ready!
  5. I'm a huge fan of RPG's and I would LOVE to see something like "Mercia: Fractured Realms" from PlayStation Home, created by LKWD. This game had so much potential and was actually pretty decent for an RPG dungeon crawler game. It even had DLC weapons and armor that you could buy for an extra advantage. It's a shame LKWD dropped support and pulled it because of bugs. But if Flammable Studios can do something like this with today's tech, oh man...I'd be all over that!
  6. The ability to hide pets/companions would be nice, too. If you don't wanna see a bubble maker, click on it and hide it from your screen.
  7. A virtual E3 booth would be possible, with Sony's permission. Pretty sure the reason Sony did it for Home, was because...well, they're Sony. They can do that, lol. However, I'd like to see AviLife have an actual presence and booth at the real E3 convention, with Luke and the rest of the dev team. It would be a great way to advertise and promote, maybe have a little demo set up that people can play...and then release that demo to PSN, sometime during E3. I know it's not likely to happen but it sure would be cool.
  8. Well, I'll say this last thing and end it here...before I get chastised for dragging this out. No one needs to worry about Sony halting support for the PS4, any time soon. Just as the PS3 is currently STILL being supported alongside the PS4...so shall the PS4 continue to be supported alongside the PS5. Probably for the next decade. Focus will naturally shift to the PS5 when it launches but the PS4 will still be there and all the games with it, including AviLife. Plus, there's a lot of speculation that the PS5 might be backwards compatible with older games...so, either way...I don't see it as a real issue.
  9. AviLife's launch platforms are PC, PS4 and XBox. Nothing has been said in regard to launching on next gen consoles, at this time.
  10. I love Bejeweled and other gem matching games. I would love to see some arcade cabinets in AviLife with some basic but entertaining mini games. Something like Bejeweled would be cool.
  11. There is no estimated launch date. They haven't even had their kickstarter, yet and that will determine a lot as far as funding, delays and an ETA on a solid launch window. People waited a few years on Nebula Realms and Atom Universe to launch. It won't be any quicker for AviLife. Patience, patience, patience.
  12. Agreed. For me, it's not about supporting Nebula or conflicting opinions. It's about common sense. The same exact scenario can, could and would equally apply to AviLife when it launches, when people expect you to fix things that only Luke and the devs can fix...then get mad at YOU for directing them to a support address. And that was the ONLY point I was making. I'd also like to point out the fact that I'm not the one constantly bringing up Nebula, whenever there's a horse to beat. I'm done with this topic.
  13. In regard to faulty content, as I said...only the devs work on the game. Only the devs can fix the game and associated content. CA's/guides, Mods and the Community Manager are not developers. They cannot fix anything or refund anything. All they can do, is tell you to contact the developers at the support address. You honestly can't fault them for that. That's like telling me your order was wrong at a restaurant and expecting me to fix your food, when all I do is clean the bathrooms. Not my department, lol. I wouldn't expect Sarikins to fix or refund a faulty item in AviLife, because I understand she can't do that. Only Luke and his dev team would be able to work on the game and it's content. Would I get mad at Sari for escalating me to the dev team for tech support issues? No. Absolutely not. And Sony...well, they have an actual tech support department. They have an 800 number, with CSR's who answer the phone and a computer scripted database of information. You can't really compare these little indie devs to Sony.
  14. Maybe they were AFK? I don't know. I'm not a witness. I wasn't there. I do agree, if you are a guide/CA empowered to help people and answer questions...then you shouldn't be ignoring anyone. I never ignored anyone during my time as a CA. That said, there are circumstances where people have to step away for a moment; phone calls, cooking, children, guests at the door, etc. And since we don't know what's going on, we shouldn't automatically assume we're being ignored. Just my opinion.
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