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  1. Traymenece18

    players First look Beta

    Wat I truly say about the matter , everyone's right , but from personal experience in nebula , atom, and PSH , and watching avilife , and even Avakin life and Imvu , they all have different perspectives of what should be in the games they developed. But the kicker of what made PSH great is the fact that it was the first of its kind , no body approached socialism the way that PSH did before, so there fore it opened a lot of doors of perspective and personalities. To further wat made the game great is the fact that they allowed the imagination to take wing in the game , there was nothing that PSH would not make available to its community , simple things made the game great to play , and worth the money spent upon it, in my opinion if nebula , atom , and so forth unleashed they're inner child and let the game be based on fantasy rather then actual reality , a lot of content that's released will spark a fire of interest to its community , I'm no game dev , but I am a writer , drawer and poet ... So in saying that I can see where there's a lack of imagination in games , and can see where imagination is the forefront of games. Imagination is the soul reason why video games as a whole is so loved. Pubg has hell of bugs and qwirks , but its because of those bugs that it made the game so much fun to play , cause you don't really know wat to expect next. When I write or draw , I find no rime or reason... I jus draw and write , allowing my content I create spontaneously to carry me to the next thing... PSH made no sense , yet it was so fun to play , bcus it allowed everyone to be what they wanted to be irriguardless of how ridiculous or ill logical it was. Nebula is a great game bcus of its vision , but the lack of freedom of mind is what makes it so boring, so as atom. I jus hope that avilife a tunes to the very core of what makes gaming so fun.. And hopefully atom and nebula can bounce back bcus I see potential in the game , and I also see the problems , as well as understand the devs plight towards everything they do. The bottom line is.. Its bcus of my active imagination that my stories and drawings are so good , I envelope my readers and watchers in the story with simple things , and they carry it to many places bcus of the experience of being in another realm or world, feeling that they are apart of it. I jus want the same for all social apps and games.
  2. We've all seen the arbitrary chat bubble , we've seen how we can pop emoji and change bubble color ... Why not revolutionize the chat bubble?... Instead of just having it pop up over our heads , let's take it to the next step by allowing full 3D chat bubbles , that pop lively emojis.and let's not use the normal emojis , let's use a cavalcade of different emoji types that are purchasable and exchangable, and even convergable!. I know that Instagram , Facebook , and especially Kik have an entire slooth of emoji types if you were looking for ideas. Lastly let's be able to edit the emojis , mixing and matching facial expressions to convey different responses with our friends, as well as allow the chat bubble to look more lively by adding not only color , but background effects, but nothing too fancy.
  3. Here's another idea I thought of ... We can watch movies and listen to our favorite music , why not be able to play video games on a purchasable Av I life game console , that consists of Av I life based games , like a knock off version of Tetris or pac-man , little arcade games to keep us busy while we wait for friends , or just want a little r&r away from it all.
  4. I very well understand your plight , and I respect the concern. Just to clarify , I was thinking on more of a automatic payment basis, just as an idea of course , not as something that has to happen or even will happen.
  5. in addition , adding special effects to the text besides just color , like you cud buy the ability to add like burning auras around the text , fairy dust , or Galactic energy n so forth.
  6. in addition , adding special effects to the text besides just color , like you cud buy the ability to add like burning auras around the text , fairy dust , or Galactic energy n so forth.
  7. Traymenece18

    players First look Beta

    oh nice!!. I can't wait to see it!.
  8. Traymenece18

    Gameplay coming soon.

    I agree , but I disagree about next gen , even though its a phenomenal idea, I'm just excited to play. Lmao!!
  9. Traymenece18

    players First look Beta

    It would be nice to be allowed a sneak peek at the game before the rest of the world , for those that have been sharing good ideas , and sharing good insight about the game.
  10. Traymenece18

    Gameplay coming soon.

    I love how patient you guys are with your game , and love how considerate you guys are to your audiences concerns and suggestions. I can't wait to play Avilife , I've been giving hype just about everywhere I go. I just know this be the game that all will remember as the true elder of all social apps, and a prodigy to Sims. Thank you so much Avilife team for everything you have done/doing/and will do, keep up the awesome work , and may you excell higher then the stars!!.
  11. Traymenece18

    Avatars have super power locomotion's!

    Thanks so much guys for even taking the time to read my Topics , I just love to help in anyway I can.
  12. Why not allow avatars to fly or flutter like butterflies , or magnito like movement , superspeed , quantum power , shrinking and size increase , super strength , ninja like reflexes , teleportation , transformations , multiself , telekinesis, Geokinesis , Pyrokinesis, Hydrokinesis , Aerokinesis , Magical power , etcetera.. All as purchaseable Locomotion's, poses , and even dances in game. P.s.( Anime is the best place to get ideas)
  13. Just had a random idea to help people get more into the game , concerning like the reason why jobs in Avilife have an actual purpose in game , to not just gain in game currency or to own businesses; but to actually serve a over all purpose, like Avilife police report in game hacking or glitches , and things like bullying or racism. Snack dealers or store venders sale both in game store products from Avilife third party developers, earning good in game currency based on sales made. Cooks that make food to help keep other avatars hunger bar from depleting too low , at a small in game currency fee of course. Of course let's not make jobs too demanding to where no can actually enjoy the game, but be done like at a leisurely basis. Super hero jobs to save the world or humans. Just a small idea I thought of , let me know what you guys think as always, thank you.

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