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  1. Sarikins

    players First look Beta

    I know that most if not ALL games can suffer from bugs and errors, even triple A titles have had to release numerous patches to solve bugs and issues however people forego the bugs and the errors when the game is fun and is worth playing and believe in the dev team. After hearing numerous things about multiple social platforms I can form the idea that the staff for those do not attempt to solve these issues and the huge issue of there "being nothing to do in game". As I have said here and on PSN it isnt the budget that makes a game fun, the odd bug or error doesn't make a game suddenly not fun, its the content and community inside of it. These seem to be what the other social worlds are missing out on remembering.
  2. Sarikins

    players First look Beta

    People are free to have their personal opinions and that's ok Shadow-runner. You were staff for Nebula and so you feel more of an attachment to there and that's your opinion, you like it and are happy with it but others aren't. Personally I have never played Nebula so I can't comment though I hear bad things I can't form an opinion. I did however attempt to play Atom on my PC and it wouldn't even get past the loading screen without crashing my PC so my opinion of Atom isn't a good one. You must remember that people are allowed their opinions and they're allowed to express them. Please understand that when you consistently reply to every "Nebula and Atom are bad" posts. Thank you.
  3. Sarikins

    Cesar Valentine

    Welcome to the forums finally Cesar!
  4. Sarikins

    Avilife Theme

    Rest assured there are no plans to make the theme of AviLife Galactic, AviLife will be relatively themeless in design similar to Home but instead host a number of spaces catering to different interests.
  5. Sarikins

    Chat Box effects /detail/designate

    Another interesting idea to take on board though I would worry a lot of these chat bubbles to really minimise the view of the space so making the chat bubbles some what small and out the way doesn't just give you a wall of colour and text and emojis.But something the devs can have a think about for sure.
  6. Sarikins

    Biggest suggestion.

    AviLife was born from Home and I know we want to give you the same feeling Home had but we are looking to make changes as well, added features that Home didn't have and spaces that Home didn't have. People have suggested a lot of different things they want to see and we take them on board. The great thing about AviLife is whilst we want to keep the love and essence of Home we also take on board what the community wants from AviLife and try to implement them as best as possible. With a community as busy as AviLife is and still growing there is no doubt in my mind that AviLife will be the next Home and so much more.
  7. Sarikins

    Demo ?

    Hey Anna, I've used translate to read the message so I hope you're able to read and understand English. As soon as the Kickstarter has been announced it will be linked in here and any small contribution will be perfect. Thank you for supporting AviLife.
  8. Sarikins

    Demo ?

    Hey, our main goal is to get a beta out this year yes, in regards to the Kickstarter it will be our primary form of funding for AviLife at first though should our goal not be met we have discussed contingency plans which at the moment are not announced. We do ask for every one to spread the word of AviLife and though you don't have to we have no worries about AviLifes future success as social platforms are extremely popular when done correctly, by listening to our community and what they want we are confident we can provide the social gaming experience that users really want. And should you ever want to see something in game then head over to suggestions and let us know anything else don't be afraid to ask.
  9. Sarikins

    PVP Fighting Game

    Hey Shadow, The idea is a pretty good one and can pass it on to the devs but in regards with the "wagering" that suddenly becomes a legal issue as in game currency is made up of spending IRL money and is classed as gambling so I don't think that could be implemented. But the idea of a Mortal Kombat/Tekken style fight is interesting. If I remember correctly I think Home created a space temporarily for the promotion of a game that was being released. Edit: I am half asleep and just realised that's the video you linked above
  10. Sarikins

    AviLife Competition

    Hey, Unsure what information you have got but I'll answer it anyway. Our plan to compete is to just offer the best social world the members want, by reading through suggestions we can gather ideas of what works best not just for us but our user base too. AviLife is still being built but every day that goes by we are a closer to release. It'll be funded primarily through Kickstarter at first. I hope this answers some of your questions.
  11. This is an interesting take but it's riddled with ready to happen issues that I believe the devs or myself could not endorse. Now this isn't to say this can't be done on a player to player basis, especially if you know and trust them but there will inevitably be times where someone has paid for work and the worker has not turned up or someone has turned up for work and not been paid. As a company I am unsure on the law of allowing paid work to happen in game either which would need to be checked thoroughly. As I said, if you know and trust the person then it is your discretion as the player to plan something like that but as it stands for the foreseeable future AviLife as a company couldn't take responsibility over loss of funds/time. As we know AviLife will be without in game CAs and mods so removing these inevitable issues is key in game development.
  12. Sarikins

    Avatars have super power locomotion's!

    Some of these existed in Home and though they had their limitations I know they were fan favourites. I know locomotions are already planned but I'll pass these on to the devs to look at.
  13. Layering and colour customisation are already things the dev team are looking at implementing into AviLife. Don't stop coming up with these ideas though
  14. Another intriguing idea but unfortunately the likelihood of in game currency is very low. The ability to purchase items will work only when you credit your account with money IRL. There could be room for an RP type minigame or space like what you are describing but at the moment there wouldn't be any plans for it.
  15. Sarikins

    Concerning body customization/ other things

    Interesting ideas, I know customisation is key in the development of AviLife, I know a lot of people like to explore different styles and looks with their avatars. I'm a little confused by your want of realism mixed with spore-like creatures but it would be interesting to see nonetheless. At the moment though we will be focusing on realistic body standards and maybe down the line we could like at costumes that give the appearance of "anime thick" or superman muscles. In terms of gameplay I know there will be mini games but RDR levels of immersion unfortunately can only exist in RDR. But fear not because there will be a lot of things to do in AviLife with friends or alone.

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