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  1. Hi EliJane, unfortunately for you and me even business owners and game developers have personal lives of their own and sometimes beyond control things can happen. I would advise that unless you can be supportive you can quietly understand that before Brink is a business owner/developer, he is a human. Thank you.
  2. Hey, No official announcement on the definite release date of AviLife but as it stands it is officially scheduled for a 2019 release. Thanks
  3. Hey, Sorry for the late reply, as it stands AviLife is still set for a 2019 release. Brink has teased a gameplay video soon and releasing WIPs more now so things are back on track after a personal issue. Stay updated with us for the announcement of the Kickstarter and remember that any other information is an educated guess. Thank you.
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    Welcome Kyle!
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  6. Hi, there have been no announcements yet on what will be included in beta but clubs are planned for AviLife
  7. Hi, As of right now I don't believe that is a feature. There will be some items you can get from mini games and spaces that will be free to every user but items that are purchaseable will need to be bought with money. Hope this answers your question.
  8. Please bear in mind this is subject to change. As I have said before so it is not official it's an aim.
  9. AviLife will be properly maintained as much as humanly possible to make sure it is fully optimised and usable. This has always been our vision and we want to see AviLife succeed as much as you do. In regards to the constant stream of new content, it depends on how quickly you want new content to release. New content will be released as quickly as it can be created and that has many variables. How many third party developers there are, how much they want to create and how much brink can make and release are just a few of them. The most important thing to the staff here will be making sure the game is working the best it can, content will always follow.
  10. As it stands AviLife does not have a set launch date but instead a beta launch set in 2019 this of course with many things whilst the game is in development is subject to change. In regards to your initial comment of "I have asked and got no response" I do believe you asked me similar in DMs and I responded. Until you see an official announcement from a member of staff telling you otherwise the information will be the same as what I am telling you now. AviLife is being created on the newest version of unreal engine and should be easily scaled to fit the PS5 but as the PS5 has not even been announced yet these continuous posts are purely speculation. What we know to be fact right now is that the PS4/Xbox One are the flagship consoles and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.
  11. That's a good idea, I would imagine down the line it would be something similar put into game probably with some changes to them so they look cool too.
  12. Hey, I realise a lot of the people who support AviLife now we're avid Home users and that's how the whole concept of AviLife was born but it's been a few years now since Home was closed down and people have moved on gaming wise. I used to own a PS3 and now myself am a exclusive PC user. Some may have moved to Xbox exclusively or PC themselves. Opening up AviLife to be cross play allows for those who used to play Home to access it from the console of their choice but it also means that it can attract those from other worlds such as Atom or Second Life on PC. It also gives Xbox users a chance at getting a virtual world because at the moment I don't believe they have one. It makes great business sense to as it allows more users it generates more spending and profits will be higher allowing the company to grow. Because the game will run through Epic Games it allows AviLife to use a net code that makes cross play easier to initialize.
  13. Its all good, continue with the suggestions you never know when the winning suggestion will come in.
  14. I think that's really pushing the boundaries of what game devs can do. You unfortunately dont get these options in any triple A title so its not something that I think we will be able to push that for AviLife. In regards to the flight, the space will always have to stop somewhere or it'll end up crashing your console. The more space in a space (if that makes sense) the more intense it'll be on the console hardware so flight will always be limited, even in AAA titles.
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