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  1. hunbunn_


    I'm pretty sure I heard something about being able to layer jackets over shirts in AviLife. But I'm sure there will be way more customization options
  2. hunbunn_


    Yes, we need mini games that we can get exclusive items from like wardrobe items, personal spaces etc. I always love freebies and it gives more incentive to explore the minigames as well
  3. hunbunn_

    players First look Beta

    To be fair Nebula and Atom are pretty garbage.
  4. hunbunn_

    Avilife Theme

    Great ! Just what I was hoping for.
  5. I would love to see little minigames like that in random spaces all over, kinda similar to the arcade machines that were in the bowling alley of ps home.
  6. hunbunn_

    Hi from UK . Ex pshome addict.

    Hi ! welcome to the community miity. I have good faith that AviLife will be the game that us ps home vets have been waiting for for so long. I hope ur ready to see this game out to the end i know i am !
  7. hunbunn_

    PVP Fighting Game

    I would also like to see PVP minigames in AviLife. Not only the fighter style minigame that shadow-runner mentioned above but, a shooter type PVP minigame as well, such as the Uproar Arena that was in pshome. As for the controls I believe console should get aim assist to compensate for the dreaded "console aim" which is quite annoying to play without, but there could be an option to turn it off for those hardcore gamers. It would be interesting to see the AviLife take on this minigame, which I believe the devs can do much better on. Not to mention it would get a giggle out of me if we could have a certain emote we could use after we kill someone to badmouth like in pshome. Example of said shooter here:
  8. hunbunn_

    AviLife Competition

    Very well said shadow-runner. Thanks for the informative post. I'm excited to see this game's development to the end and I have high expectations for it as well, yet I feel like my expectations will be exceeded in the end
  9. hunbunn_

    Avatars have super power locomotion's!

    that actually sounds epic. good idea !
  10. hunbunn_

    Gameplay coming soon.

    Woo! I''m excited to see this...

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