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  1. i really wanna see survival actually
  2. I would really love to be able to name my pets too
  3. hunbunn_


    hey man, welcome to the forum
  4. ^ nice, im kinda mad that i forgot most of these things in the game cause it's been so long and i was pretty young
  5. Yes, thank you for mentioning this that would be so cute.
  6. i will definitely use that when i can play on pc again lol, ive been playing on console for a bit.
  7. Is nebula really that bad atm. I haven't been playing it but wow it sounds like hackers are just using it as a medium to get peoples ip's. hope avilife has better protection from hackers and such.
  8. Dang, I miss that color wheel. Too bad Sims 4 doesn't have as many customization options
  9. Yeah, I agree. And a constant stream of new content will keep old players entertained and interest new players as well. But if everything is buggy nobody will enjoy that.
  10. oh god no, please don't let people enjoy christmas themed things because it's not in your beliefs !
  11. Yess, that video makes me so nostalogic, would like to see something similar also
  12. hunbunn_

    Demo ?

    I'm not gonna lie i've been playing Avakin Life lol. Although it's more "childish" I like playing it because I know it's an homage to pshome ... LKWD is doing a good job as a company. I'm proud of them
  13. I keep hearing that they're aiming for 2019, but I wouldn't get my hopes up. nobody wants a rushed product, from what i've seen it looks like they started this project last year, but if they release it in beta it could possibly work for 2019. At the very least we might just get a demo this year.
  14. Also, I am wishing for a PVP shooter minigame like the Uproar Arena in Playstation Home
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