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  1. Cocoa

    Variety of Sandals

    Very beautiful sandal selection Ruby! I know we will continue to create more. Have you seen what Tilly created?
  2. Cocoa


    Hello Lucygirl! Welcome to AviLife Community
  3. Cocoa

    Hello all.

    Hello Pongo86! Welcome to AviLife Community
  4. Cocoa

    Farqy's Introduction

    Hello Farqj002! Welcome to AviLife Community
  5. Cocoa

    Introduction: Nagato

    Hello Nagato! Welcome to AviLife Community
  6. Cocoa

    Monsters Coliseum

    This would go along great with your half creature idea and then having a space like this. I think it's a great idea.
  7. Cocoa

    BioSphere Space

    That's a pretty neat idea to have 1 space for each season year round. I like that.
  8. Cocoa

    Hiking Adventure Space

    This is a great idea Ruby! A hiking adventure space sounds like a lot of fun with lots of activities to do with you and your friends.
  9. Cocoa

    FEMALE hairstyle suggestions

    All of these are very good ideas. I know this is one aspect Brink is really focusing on which is creating hairstyles for both genders.
  10. Cocoa

    Theater and Lounge

    Sounds good. I could see that happening.
  11. Cocoa

    Half Avatar Half Creature

    You have some very creative ideas RubyShines. I think that would be great to have these characters along with the jewelry and weapons you speak of.
  12. Cocoa

    Hey everyone

    Welcome to AviLife Community Skykasparishere
  13. Cocoa

    Hello Everyone :)

    Welcome to AviLife Community nio0
  14. Cocoa

    Hello from Italy!

    Welcome to AviLife Community NightMagic191
  15. Cocoa

    Dakareto Avalon

    Welcome to AviLife Community Dakareto

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