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  1. Cocoa

    the Ken man has arrived

    Welcome to AviLife Community Ken
  2. Cocoa

    Discord Bot Issue

    Yes discord seems to be the new happening thing now days Plus it's more secure than the forums. I think once we post more people may still use the forums in combination of discord. Hopefully it will even itself out.
  3. Cocoa

    Discord Bot Issue

    Thank you for reading my post and responding back EliJane. I feel a lot better knowing I did not upset you in any way. I hope you have a great day as well.
  4. Cocoa

    Hi everyone, from the UK

    Hey Arwen! Welcome to AviLife Community
  5. Cocoa

    Discord Bot Issue

    Thanks for posting this Frost. I also would like to apologize to everyone and especially to @EliJane I was not aware nor informed of this feature. So when I saw you had two accounts showing up and one being as a bot it was very alarming to me. My goal is to maintain security and help enforce the rules. I have no problem admitting when I am wrong. I hope you accept my apology.
  6. Cocoa

    Greetings from Canada

    Welcome to AviLife Community Sphinx
  7. Cocoa


    Welcome to AviLife Community RosieMoon
  8. Cocoa


    Welcome to AviLife Community DevilishDanika
  9. Cocoa

    Hello from Belgium

    Welcome to AviLife community Sandra
  10. Cocoa


    Hey RosieMoon! Welcome to AviLife community. Huge fan of your YouTube captures. Good to see you here
  11. Cocoa


    No I am not.
  12. Cocoa


    Welcome to AviLife community Tubifex-90
  13. Cocoa

    My Intro

    Welcome to AviLife community Stellar
  14. Cocoa


    Welcome to AviLife community Luu
  15. Cocoa

    Hi from Australia

    Welcome to AviLife community Abiatha

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