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  1. Miity


    Yes be brilliant bout jackets etc . Hopefully layering on hand items be in . Now we wait lol
  2. Miity

    players First look Beta

    Reasons why ppl go nebula . 1. They bored and want a home . 2. Atoms terrible . 3. They await Avilife . 4. Social meetup . When Avilife out ppl be quitting nebula due to lack of content and errors all time . That's just my guess why ppl on nebula .
  3. Be great see content from games etc , clothing , assesories . Like home did . Mass effect outfits , assassin's creed and so on . If Avilife can get license produce these . Mass effect I collapse lol huge fan .
  4. Miity

    AviLife FAQ

    It is all about money these days . Keeping people and getting people joining Avilife will need listen to people and bring back what home did to attract people . Good prices , rewards , events , seasonal things , etc You offer the best deals you get more customers atoms terrible you need use atoms play everything so if you out you need buy . nebula do free games and rewards but there's only afew . but yaaaaay I won a free t-shirt yest . Hope Avilife dsnt reward t-shirts altime like home did haha
  5. Miity


    During last 2yrs of home or a year was a quest system . Do certain objectives and get rewarded after doing all you get a personal space . Hope Avilife will have rewards and won't be all pay . Quest system , mini games , rewards . be great for noobs to lol plus I like collecting . Also on home I used get asked alot how do you get that reward , so I always help ppl .
  6. Miity


    Very true . One thing bout nebula is wardrobe good. Can have multiple items at once . Home was very restricted you either braclets or gloves not both nebula you can wear both . Hoping Avilife be able wear multiple items I'm sure it will allow that . We do need wear more items . Nails , rings all at once . Home you had one option . Also with home was a separate storage for junk lol hope Avilife has same or maybe a storage in personal space be good .
  7. Miity

    Cesar Valentine

    Hiya and welcome from me gonna be fun on Avilife in theory lol
  8. Miity

    players First look Beta

    Need Avilife out soon lol . I keep getting asked alot when's it coming out . I have ppl who hate atom and nebula waiting they like look of Avilife . It's wat us home ppl need .
  9. Miity

    VIP area like x7

    X7 was great spot on home and no noobs lol Great place to hangout and exclusive content plus freebies. VIP area on Avilife
  10. Miity

    VIP area like x7

    Agreed there . EU must've changed home square about 4 times I think . EU had a change , but u.s had best content . But EU had content which u.s didn't . Eg rabbit suit . Servers for Avilife need be for both regions like nebula and same content. Very annoying separate regions and different content . X7 space for VIP members be great less trolls lol
  11. Miity

    Demo ?

    From what I'm hearing there will be a demo later this year ? Then a Kickstarter ? So if Kickstarter goal not met then no Avilife ? Thx
  12. A beautiful personal space sailing along side nice scenery, whale and dolphins. Something like this be great .
  13. Brimstone dancers were great deco , good music , they made personal spaces alive and looked great . Plus also had floor tiles for deco which flashed . Something great like these be great addition to personal spaces .
  14. Miity

    AviLife FAQ

    I can't wait me and alot friends home sick . Atom universe epic fail . Four kings gambling and gambling. Nebula fails is a epic fail to . Pshome was home a virtual life .
  15. Miity

    Face customize.

    Detailed facial create not presets to pick . Sliders for all parts . Pointy ears .Makeup options etc Presets no good ppl look same lol
  16. Miity

    Pet companions.

    Siberian husky a must as I'm a husky owner . Tigers , cougars , panthers like home and option turn Avi into one like home . Ty
  17. Make Avilife as close to pshome as possible and give the feel of home . I have afew friends hyped for Avilife from pics I have sent . They don't like nebula or atom . I have recently tested nebula and atom . One word to describe them Terrible Home vibe isn't there at all . We all miss home and want a new home to call home .
  18. Miity

    Snowman heads

    Atom has these , nebula dsnt due to fam stuff on home . These on Avilife would be brilliant .
  19. Hiya . I've just started taking big interest in Avilife as nebula fails is just a epic fail . Atom universe I won't even go there . Four kings money pit of gambling online . Avilife from photos and videos looks like pshome 2 . I have used pshome since day one when it opened in EU and used to beta test spaces for Lockwood . Alot fun . I miss home alot and so do alot my friends . They won't even touch what's currently out on PS4 .
  20. Miity

    Hi from UK . Ex pshome addict.

    Big thx . I'm preying Avilife why close if Kickstarter fails . Hoping to won't be like home with separate servers for u.s and EU . Nebula etc just isn't and never be a home .
  21. One of the most popular spaces on home was Hudson gate for racing dolphins . I know Hudson gate can't be made because of copyright s. Is it possible to make something similar with dolphins racing . Maybe a aquatic space underwater possibly with dolphins racing ? Hudson gate was so popular for me and alot of my friends . Having something similar would be great for us .
  22. Miity

    Demo ?

    Awesome thx for reply .

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