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  1. Items look amazing . I want teddy backpack
  2. Yessssss same as loco roco ones . I always wore those .
  3. Racing . To much violence , fighting with consoles games lol zzzz zz
  4. Who remembers irem on pshome . Irem square was fun . It had a shooting game win rewards .
  5. Same lol , I keep trying think of mini game ideas , pshome was full of lots . Things like midway etc are areas to that brings people together . If Avilife did this be great plus guess we will need buy tickets as we would in real . I used go crazy on midway just to unlock certain rewards . Plus I think we used get free goes on things every hour . Alot of fun
  6. Fairground space , similar to pshomes midway . With a variety of fairground mini games and rewards.
  7. Cool pc best for things like that . Be shame if Avilife didn't have option but I would think be alot memory and loading issues for the amount of people online with their own designs . Plus what will Devs sell ? If we designed our own things . Money will keep Avilife going for us all .
  8. Hopefully this already be in Avilife . A variety of animal ears and tails . If possible animated tails that move when we walk etc .
  9. This space once a year on Avilife would be great . Was always popular and great place meet people and exclusive rewards and items to buy . But not sure how it would work with copyrights . Be great see game trailers etc on monitors , have mini game searching for items . Would be great
  10. Hiya you want sims4studio I think it is . You can colour textures of items yourself . I made tiger cusion covers on a sofa .
  11. Sodium 2 space was popular . A small space which you would own a wipeout type craft . A space like this with mini game racer be fun.Beat opponents times , race a friend , see if you can get into top ten leaderboard .
  12. Thx again . Hopefully this year . I keep thinking fall 2019 , just got that time in my mind . But longer is more possitive .
  13. Yes . I cought a guy in act lastweek . His friend to talked about a colour hack . Also one my friends accounts got hacked guessing via nebula . Another friend today said alot going on at moment on nebula . I went on other night and lag was crazy so I left immediately . So I will await next patch , not risking it at moment.
  14. Thx for response . Beta 2019 yaaaaay . Yep Avilife be ps5 compatible basically anything now and old be ps5 as it been announced it will have backwards. Hoping Avilife will have top security precautions for in-game and players IDs . As nebula realms is bit of a mine field at present . Enter at your own risk basically . Thx again
  15. Definitely be needed . Nebula with updates is terrible . As time passes nebula gets worse . Bugs get worse so need more repairs . Keeping on top of things always a winner . If Avilife got more Devs etc . Weekly content , monthly spaces etc be great .
  16. Be great . Something like what Sims 3 had a colour wheel . But it would maybe have impact on performance of area . Loading custom colours etc .
  17. I have requested something similar in suggestions . One of pshomes most successful public spaces was Hudson gate . It was such a great social area and it had racing your own dolphin game . Something similar like this would be best thing ever . A space with dolphins racing mini games and rewards . Trophy etc .
  18. Huge thx friend . Avilife our last hope for a new pshome . Nebula etc just full of broken promises etc . Big disappointment . Four kings just a gambling pit lol get addicted to gambling it's a wounder hasn't been shutdown as it's like lootboxes going through laws and some countries have banned games due to gambling aspect with lootboxes . Four kings similar run out coins you gonna buy more . Gaming addiction . But it's a choice you choose . Avilife needs be similar to home and it will succeed .
  19. From what I have seen with nebula it's a fam called umto . Nebula has become really bad . Lag has got worse . Glitchers. Hacks . I just hope avilife will have better security as ppl will try and get into it . Also my friend got his psn hacked and my guess via nebula . So Avilife need protect ppls account details .
  20. This space was very popular on home for everyone . Mini game was very fun , Similar things with mini tasks and rewards would be great . Pshome on both regions always had a seasonal themes , with mini games and rewards , valentine's etc etc . Avilife would be great with similar themes and games with rewards .
  21. Arcade machines in public areas .
  22. CPU I read is a special one that can switch itself to support different old formats . Can't believe xaloc replied to you lol . As for Avilife if only started last year that's a very short time . Games can take years for development . So Avilife guess we wait and wait . I guess 2020 . It's a shame they can't give us details or a hint of a launch window .
  23. It's official about backwards which be great can't wait lol . People will shift to ps5. I still have afew friends PS3 lol . I think deep down Avilife will be PS4 and ps5 . And with ps5 backwards jump in-store and get Avilife if it only PS4 . But as I mentioned about software and textures etc ps5 will support Avilife 100% . PS4 will struggle . E.g nebula . When you enter a area you lag and people load up slow . That's due to memory , textures etc PS4 CPU isn't fast enough .
  24. I heard somewhere ps5 to plus it needs be next gen as current gen coming to a end . Avilife will need support all at this current time as you may know ps5 expected 2020 or 2021 and who knows what Microsoft have up their sleeve . It needs support current and nextgen . Nebula to if still around and want be around need do same . As does AU and FKC .
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