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  1. this probably wont be super popular but I just had the thought what about mimicking existing uniforms like nurse police officer, astronaut things like that. if someone already posted this suggestion delete this post no worries.
  2. Yes. Very fun. I can't wait to hop and count all of the friends I don't have...
  3. Yes. that one. call me crazy but I loved it
  4. That's the PSN ID i will be using for when this game is released. I can be a bit random but I promise I can one of the most loyal friends you may ever find. I'm always here to listen if you have a problem, plus my memory sucks so odds are I won't remember anything long enough to gossip. That's all I have thanks for doing this. Feel free to judge me now.
  5. I am unclear as to where this would go so I shall start anew. On PSHome near the end they had these animal morphs where you would change your avatar into an animal like a cat,dog,bear, or my favorite a cheetah. these would change you into the animal of your choice and unless you were posing you stayed as that animal. It is unlikely anyone but me will use this but I had to at least ask. thanks
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