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  1. Sphinx

    BioSphere Space

    Or maybe just call it The 4 Seasons and have 4 spaces 1 for each season. Having spaces year round for winter, summer, fall and spring would be pretty neat. More variety is good. having more public spaces is encouraged and people want to interact without having to always invite people to their overpriced personal spaces.
  2. Sphinx

    BioSphere Space

    I was thinking of a space that would encompass 4 different biospheres in the same space. A simple space with nothing special except weather effetcs. Think of a giant space with a path that lead right through it with no weather then 4 seperate areas with 4 different biomes in it. So as you walk past there would be a space on the left with rain coming down and rain effects on your avatar perhaps your avatar could do a little shake out the rain emote or hold its hand out to feel the rain and have your avatar appear wet until you walked into the next biospehere The next biospehere on the right would be snowing so your avatar could shiver a little bit as u stood in it and chatted with friends. Like this space on home had. the next biospehere would be like a quiet hilltop at night where you could stargaze watching a few meteors go by and such. Midnight glade was a nice space to showcase what i mean. The fourth biome as you walked past could be springtime in a corn field with some flowers blooming or the wind blowing over the wheat or something. Beautiful sunny day. Keeping it simple with a just a few weather effects in each would make it easy to create and accessible by all. Some people it might be raining where they live so they might want to go chat with their friends while standing in the rain with their avatar For some it might be wintery so snow would be ideal Some people play only at night so having a nighttime area would serve as their area to chat while enjoying the nighttime starry ambience I'm thinking of an area that would be accessible year round but have all the weather of different areas so no matter what your feeling or where you live theres a area that suit you and your friends Instead of designing 4 seperate spaces you could create one big space that encompasses all the biomes and maybe have a transition effect as you moved from one to the other. Also people could essentially be standing in the rain while their friends standing in snow and they can still chat cause its the same space. Maybe its not possible idk but weather effects like rain and snow and the avatars response to them would truly be next gen and give our avatars that real feeling of being out in the elements without actually being out in the elements lol
  3. yea this is RansomStarks group. I never liked him either or his elitist attitude. He used to attack others who enjoyed the other social worlds instead of the one he supported, now hes dumpin it for AviLife lol. I will also pass and just use the spaces provided by AviLife content creators.
  4. Sphinx

    Game Purpose

    Sorry if i'm posting this in the wrong place... Too many of these social worlds these days are pointless, meaning you make your avatar and then beyond a few mini games, standing around and watching others argue seems to be the only purpose. I'm really hoping you guys make it a point to make AviLife have a purpose for users to login every day and play. A leveling system with different tiers and rewards? daily activities and quests? ways to earn in game currency or limited rewards? Races and Treasure hunts? How about an exchange where players can buy and sell old and new items they no longer want or need? The closest thing i can think of of its kind (social world wise) is 4 kings with its tier based leveling system but even then its only purpose is to maintain your vip status and get 1 reward per tier (usually not a good one either) Star Trek Online has an exchange, tons of rewards, leveling, content and missions and purpose, u can even play it single player if you wish, but lousy avatar creation and horrible camera angles. GTA has a great leveling system with money to earn and a level that goes to 8000 (but no rewards) and again a lousy avatar creation, especially for females.. Lets take Nebula or AU for example...closest thing i can think of to AviLife...there is no level system and there's no purpose to login everyday and no reason to keep playing. Updates are ONLY to release new content to suck more money out of the user whilst offering nothing in the way of leveling up or fun activities. Daily tasks, activities and a purpose for bringing your avatar in everyday is what i hope for most out of this game. Not everyone wants to stand around arguing with others, being trolled, or even to chat with people they don't know. Yes i realize its a social world, but not everyone is social but they may still like social games and activities, and avatar making. If Person A: has been playing Nebula or AU for 4 years and Person B: just joined it yesterday there's no disparity, both party's are equal, which seems stupid as look at the amount of loyalty and playtime the first person has put in. I hope i'm making sense, and i hope its taken into consideration, otherwise its just another social world to make a new avatar and go stand around and do nothing in. I really am 100% against segregating users based on things like VIP status or GUIDES or MVP's as these people end up with a HUGE ego's and act more elitist than others. However if a person has earned a higher level than a new user then said new user might take it as a reason to keep playing, spending more money (good 4 your company) and gain a higher level and thus feel more inclusive and earn better rewards. I hope that any mini games use ingame currency to play (as of course you have to make money somehow beyond selling merch for your avatar) but those minigames should offer in game reward currency that you can spend on rare rewards you won't get anywhere else thus encouraging users to continue playing them and spending on them, no matter how long they have been on AviLife. I hope this makes sense, maybe i'm not explaining myself very well. 100% intend to support the kickstarter and see where this goes. All the best
  5. Sphinx

    Greetings from Canada

    Hi everyone Longtime HOME user here. This project looks amazing the movement of the avatars looks amazing. This far surpasses any of the other social worlds currently on console by miles!!!! NOT impressed with the current state of social worlds, their respective CA's, programming abilities, or their horribly run community's. Hope this is a fresh start for everyone and this leads to great things for both your company and the users who wish to support it and enjoy it Look forward to meeting you all and seeing u in game. feel free to add me both on here or on PS4 @ lllSPHINXlll. (LLLSPHINXLLL)
  6. OVERJOYED at the news!!!


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