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  1. oh ok thank you for your time
  2. when beta is released will we have a lot of default hairstyles to start off with when we get into the game like PlayStation home did?
  3. What year are y’all planning on releasing the beta are y’all releasing it this year?
  4. another suggestion a public 70s,80s,90s nightclub where in the club it plays the most popular 70s,80s,90s music and have this tv screen in it playing the music video of the song
  5. another suggestion I have is the Thriller dance
  6. for the mall in Avilife can y’all do what PlayStation home did from the hub where this subway train goes down and up https://youtu.be/7xvNNt-dRrA
  7. will clubhouses already be in the game during beta or will they be released in the future?
  8. Matt_1770


    I’m suggesting a picture frame that we can put our own pictures in like psh did https://roshak.me/view/
  9. I’m suggesting black penny loafers https://www.ebay.com/itm/Allen-Edmonds-Lake-Forest-black-Leather-Penny-loafers-Men-Sz-11-3E-/153149035625
  10. I’m suggesting a black blazer https://www.dstld.com/products/mens-black-wool-blazer?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=ads&utm_campaign=031+-+Visitor+Dynamic+Retargeting+-+Male+-+CLB&utm_term=031+-+DPA+-+Visitors+-+14D+ATC+-+Male
  11. another suggestion greaser motorcycle boots https://www.sheplers.com/cody-james-mens-engineer-motorcycle-boots---round-toe/2000078014.html?dwvar_2000078014_color=001#start=6
  12. another suggestion the slide glide for a dance move and the moonwalk https://youtu.be/sq0H5jcHOvE
  13. I’m going to suggest one more dance from footloose and it’s right at the end of the video
  14. I would like to suggest some footloose dance moves
  15. will we be able to earn points to buy stuff from the game and save up points?
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