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  1. DevilishDanika

    Hello there!

    Hi Slade, welcome to the forum
  2. DevilishDanika

    Just joined! Hello all

    Hi Alex, welcome to the forum
  3. DevilishDanika

    AviLife FAQ

    No the only content on AviLife will be made specifically by the developers of AviLife or 3rd party developers. We will not have the ability to design our own as they do on SL, though I am sure the developers would be more than happy to look at any designs/ideas that individuals come up with.
  4. DevilishDanika

    Concert arena

    Very nice, looking forward to it.
  5. DevilishDanika


    You're very welcome
  6. DevilishDanika


    The mall is currently being worked on.
  7. DevilishDanika


    Welcome to the forum Lucy
  8. DevilishDanika

    Vr in avilife

    They are looking into it but it is not currently planned this was quoted from the AviLife Faq which you can find at the following link AviLife FAQ
  9. DevilishDanika

    Farqy's Introduction

    lol at the X Files reference, welcome Farq
  10. DevilishDanika

    Tiller: Work-in-Progress

    Feelin' the glow!!
  11. DevilishDanika

    Hello all.

    Hi Pongo and welcome
  12. DevilishDanika

    Introduction: Nagato

    Hi Nagato, welcome to the forum
  13. DevilishDanika

    Hey everyone

    Hi Sky welcome to the forum
  14. DevilishDanika

    FEMALE hairstyle suggestions

    Love these ideas would like to see a diverse range of styles to suit everyone.
  15. DevilishDanika

    Hello from New York :)

    Hi and welcome to the community

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