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  1. DevilishDanika

    Hello from Italy!

    Hi Erika welcome to the forum, I agree with you AviLife is looking so much better than anything we have seen released so far looking forward to it's eventual release
  2. DevilishDanika

    Dakareto Avalon

    Hi Dakarito, welcome to the forum
  3. DevilishDanika

    Cruise Ship

    You're very welcome
  4. DevilishDanika

    SpookyBearX Hello Everyone

    Hi Spooky welcome to the community
  5. DevilishDanika

    Cruise Ship

    Cool idea Ruby
  6. DevilishDanika

    Hi From USA

    Hi Shinbu, welcome to the community.
  7. DevilishDanika

    AviLife FAQ

    Thank you for the prompt response. I am pleased to see there will be other options for interested parties to be selected as I am aware that not everyone is able to contribute to a Kickstarter.
  8. DevilishDanika

    AviLife FAQ

    Was impressed with your recent Q&A hosted in the AviLife community on the PS4. Am looking forward to seeing the basic game as so far nothing released on the PS4 has met my expectations for a new PSH world and I totally agreed with your comments in the Q&A regarding what has been released so far. Will you be allowing outside testers for the closed testing when it becomes available and if so how will you decide who will be accepted into the testing phase?
  9. DevilishDanika

    the Ken man has arrived

    Welcome to the community
  10. DevilishDanika


    Just joined the site am very impressed with what I have seen and read so far, looking forward to seeing more.
  11. DevilishDanika

    AviLife WIP Discussion

    Totally loving the W.I.P, am very impressed with the avatar movements especially after comparing it with others I have seen. Awesome!!

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