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  1. To answer your question regarding a mobile App this is a quote taken from the AviLife FAQ - Will there be a phone/tablet app companion? Not currently planned at this time but it's something I want to look into down the road.
  2. I like some of those walking style ideas, it would be cool to see a few different styles in AviLife maybe not at the initial release but I hope a few get added over time
  3. Hi Cieniah, welcome to the forum
  4. Hi trini, welcome to the forum AviLife is releasing this year. As yet there is no date for the Kickstarter but all social media including the forum will be updated as soon as an official date is confirmed.
  5. Hi Lizard welcome to the forum.
  6. DevilishDanika

    anna :)

    Hi Anna, welcome to the forum
  7. Wishing everyone a safe and Happy Christmas, best wishes to you all.
  8. DevilishDanika


    Hi Kodi, welcome to the forum.
  9. Yes there will be a feature whereby you can "go to" your friends via your in-game friends list.
  10. The avatars will be fully customizable, including things such as size, height, eye color, skin tone etc...
  11. DevilishDanika


    Hi Glenn, welcome to the forum.
  12. Hi Slade, welcome to the forum
  13. No the only content on AviLife will be made specifically by the developers of AviLife or 3rd party developers. We will not have the ability to design our own as they do on SL, though I am sure the developers would be more than happy to look at any designs/ideas that individuals come up with.
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