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  1. Some casual sitting poses would be pretty cool to see. Something along these lines (bottom left is my favorite)
  2. Kyle

    lost hope

    Something to keep in mind is this is an incredibly small team working on this game. With that being said, they have done incredible work so far based on what I have seen from the previews. I certainly feel this game will release, however if you are expecting it to be sometime soon, you will drive yourself crazy . I personally would much rather them take their time and release something we will all enjoy rather than rushing it and missing the mark on what we are all hoping this game will be.
  3. Kyle

    Hey all!

    Hey there everyone, Firstly, I would like to say AviLife looks amazing so far! I just came across a video talking about the game on YouTube after watching old PlayStation Home videos reminiscing and I have to say, from what I have seen, AviLife has potential to fill my Home void! A little about me, I played PlayStation Home for many years and really fell in love with the game. Some may remember me as XxDaRK_WAYnExX (amazing gamertag, I know.. ), I was a Home Community Volunteer for some time. I loved getting on and meeting new people and making new friends, some of which I still talk to to this day. When Home closed it was pretty devastating but I eventually got over it and moved on with life, but was always looking to find a game that could fill that void that the closure of Home left. I've tried other games like Home but they never really made me feel the way Home did. I am really looking forward to AviLife and am super excited to see what comes of this. Anyways, that's all I got looking forward to meeting the community on here and hopefully making a few new friends!
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