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  1. RubyShines

    Cruise Ship

    Thanks jane I never played imvu but feel free to post a video of your cruise ship.
  2. RubyShines

    Cruise Ship

    Thanks Danika
  3. RubyShines

    Cruise Ship

    Thanks cocoa
  4. RubyShines

    Half Avatar Half Creature

    Wasptaur Option for wasptuar flying around stick out stinger crawl on walls and ceilings
  5. I would like to see centaurs and other replace the legs with animal parts make a return from Home to Avilife. Centaur Drider/Spider to replace the legs Mermaid to replace the legs in water I would like an option to swim in it, been requesting this one for months Snake/Rattlesnake to replace the legs please make it look like its attach to the human torso and not like you're in a costume like the centaurs from veemee. nDreams nailed it with their minotaur compares to veemee version, nDream minotaur I even like to have a shirt or a skirt cover the tail like this same goes for the centaur, drider and mermaid. Gorgon snake hair, snake eyes, snake tongue, snake fangs and pointy shape nails. Also sound effect for the hissing and rattling for the naga, coiling and coiling another person as an option would be nice. I was disappointed that the female didn't get a minotaur from nDreams. Even worst, they didn't bother to give the female a naga and the closest they got was a snakeskin amazon outfit. So this idea is and hopefully it happens someday. Loved Home aside from it issues and fake mods/freezers and really looking forward to Avilife. Some other ideas other than a horse like a scorpiontaur liontaur, tigertaur, black panthertaur, zebrataur, dragentaur, all here https://www.deviantart.com/bigredman87/favourites/53132380/Random-Taurs Snake tongue Option for the centaur Counting Rearing Kick Have other avatars to ride on you. Having others to ride on you should be an option for all the taur types. Option for the drider Hang from a ceiling coming down from your web Shoot web Spider web Web an avatar Crawl on walls and ceilings Option for the scorpiontaur Strike with it stinger In it defense mode Claws for pinching Option for the mermaid crawling swim in water, ponds and lakes slithering Option for the nage rattling, if it has a rattler at the end of it tail hissing coiling on someone or something tail whip
  6. RubyShines

    Cruise Ship

    Something interesting to have as a personal space. A huge Worldwide Tour of the Seas cruise ship space something similar to the oasis of the seas cruise with lots and lots of npc aka non player characters on ship doing what the folks do in real life instead of just standing still. This space should have a day/night cycle and meals to served for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This ship should have lots of activities to do like gym, rock climbing, tennis, water slide, shows, bumper cars, pool table, pool, bowling, night club. You should get points from any activities and use them for exclusives items from the stores in the mini mall like clothes, footwear, lmo and companions. The ship can travel from places to places something lkwd did with their dream boat space from Home. Also to be able to drive the mini submarine and look at variety of sea creatures. Your very own huge master bed room since you are the owner of the ship. Feel free to add more ideas for the activities if I'm missing any on the list. I really believe this should be a thing for AviLife.
  7. RubyShines


    Men sandals
  8. If they don't, you may have to import. I know fans of the series will import if it doesn't release outside of japan.
  9. They've made games for the PS2 before Playstation Home was a thing. I've never played any of their games but heard how good they were. GZ did made some great contents on home and hope they're on board for avilife.
  10. You can see the outfits that were back from home @35:13 Disaster Report 4 Plus Summer Memories demo August 16, 2018! http://www.siliconera.com/2018/08/11/disaster-report-4-plus-demo-set-for-august-16-2018/ https://gematsu.com/2018/08/disaster-report-4-plus-summer-memories-demo-launches-august-16-in-japan
  11. RubyShines

    Block Feature

    Thanks Frost Once this goes public, just to expect those types make their way over to AviLife from NR.
  12. RubyShines

    Block Feature

    Why this feature is a must? Nebula Realms has this where you block a user, they disappears and you also disappears in front of that user as well. Space Users is also a must, you hit on the user name from that public space to either add as friend, report or block. So far, I've block some users on nebula realms due to extremely high racism and very bad behaviors. What's worse is the mods on there does nothing and the community just gets worse. I hope AviLife doesn't end up a mess like NR.
  13. RubyShines


    Thanks Frost and yes I am a fan of sandals. 95% I put them on my avatars/characters in virtual worlds and games. Had spent a lot on PS Home but sadly its shut down and had tons of amazing clothing, footwear that are now erased for good.
  14. RubyShines


    Thank you very much Drew. I hope the devs see these threads and I will be posting more sandals here in the future and other great ideas outside of sandals. Things I would love to see hope it comes true in the end. Also these sandals are not only for beaches, but for hiking and normal everyday casual wear with skinny jeans and such.
  15. RubyShines


    Yeah you are correct. Honestly hoping weekly updates like what back on Home.

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