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  1. RubyShines

    PS4 Community Moderator

    Also I'm already on the AviLife community for months now.
  2. RubyShines

    PS4 Community Moderator

    This site needs another mod. Frost was very active everyday and liked our ideas and would send it to brink but he has been banned for months not sure why. Lead mod Cocoa I like her but she's not much active on here and last log in was december 8. But isn't Danika a mod on discord? Why isn't she one here?
  3. RubyShines

    Cruise Ship

    I hope this idea makes it to avilife someday.
  4. RubyShines


    I hope snake dance from nebula realms is in it.
  5. RubyShines


  6. RubyShines


    Indeed and thanks
  7. RubyShines


    All kinds of jeans I would like to see for avilife.
  8. RubyShines

    Variety of Sandals

    Good one jane
  9. RubyShines

    Variety of Sandals

    I have seen them, especially the slippers.
  10. RubyShines

    Cruise Ship

    Thanks Lucy
  11. RubyShines

    Concert arena

    A locomotion would been a better reward over a meh t-shirt but I agree with this idea.
  12. RubyShines

    Elf fantasy forest

    I completely agree

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