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  1. Mini games and activities.
  2. No action/adventure/sandbox open world on the poll?
  3. I want a rattlesnake one with it sound effects like what home did. I hope all pets have sound effects this time.
  4. I hope this space get made in the future, it will have tons of activities like mini games to do like the acorn park.
  5. A super smash bros like mini game or a space for your avatar like what PS Home had with SFxT. A beat em up arcade game A racing game like crash team racing
  6. Two heads for the avatar Ghost Options: Have a ghostly tail Float/Fly Go through anything
  7. Some clothing I would like to see on avilife, also some hairstyles along with it.
  8. I hope Brink see's this thread.
  9. I agree, I would like to see this on avilife.
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