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  1. RubyShines

    Monsters Coliseum

    Indeed Cocoa
  2. RubyShines

    Half Avatar Half Creature

    Thank you Brink and your welcome
  3. RubyShines

    Half Avatar Half Creature

    Thanks Cocoa
  4. RubyShines

    Half Avatar Half Creature

    Dragontaur Option for dragontaur Breathe fire Deertaur Gorgon Option for gorgon rattling, if it has a rattler at the end of it tail hissing coiling on an avatar "only with friends" tail whip Moving animation snakes hair and hissing Turn an avatar to stone "only with friends" Spit venom Snake tongue flickering
  5. RubyShines

    FEMALE hairstyle suggestions

    Tanya Winters from saints row, I always liked her hair. Rayne from Bloodrayne Red Hair Dreads
  6. Thanks for bringing that site. I've been looking for AZ4 for it list of items for awhile but could never find it. I use to own some of those items on your list.
  7. RubyShines

    Tiller Joins AviLife!

    Cool stuff, looking forward to their future contents. Please get VEEMEE on board next.
  8. RubyShines

    Variety of Sandals

  9. RubyShines

    Hiking Adventure Space

    Hiking clothing men teva terra fi 4 women teva hurricane xlt
  10. RubyShines

    Hiking Adventure Space

    A personal space for hikers that just wanna get away from the technology environment and live in the nature surrounded by trees, wild life, water streaming, fresh air and outdoor activities. The things I would like to see for this space. Trails with stick thingy in hand Archery Cave exploring Zip lines Yoga Boating Walking on log Crossing over Rock climbing Bungee jumping Biking Fishing Camping and gears Hang bed Stand thingy Also an on/off toggle option for npc aka none playable characters appearing in these spaces or not, doing all these activities instead of just standing around. This space needs some life.
  11. RubyShines

    Half Avatar Half Creature

    Dinotaurs Also would like to see accessories on them like jewelry and weapons
  12. RubyShines

    Third Party Announcement - JFCVC

    I hope you guys get VEEMEE, Granzella, nDreams, JAM Games, Codeglue U Love Green on board.
  13. RubyShines

    Monsters Coliseum

    A game I would like to see for AviLife. This public space is about half human with different types of any creature where it can be half human half snake, half human half spider, half human half fish like a mermaid, half human half horse like a centaur, half human half bird, half human half bee and so on. On this space, there is a coliseum with a gladiator type arena for half human creatures to duke it out while the other half human creatures may it be the users or npc in the audience watches you fight. Great grounds a land coliseum arena for the creatures like minotaur, centaur, half human half snake, half human half scorpion, half human half spider ake drider, half human half panther and so on. Before you enter the space, you should be given an opinion to stay as a human to keep your lower half or be whichever half creature you want. But you won't be able to participate in the events to fight if you pick human rather than being a half creature, but instead you'll be only a watcher in the audience. Atlantis ocean floor a coliseum arena for the half human half sea creatures like mermaids, half human half turtle, half human half shark, half human half octopus, half human half lobster and so on. Skyway a sky coliseum arena for the sky creatures like half human half bird, half human half wasp, half human half dragon, half human half bee and so on. Option for the lower half for monster coliseum, can use the space set lower half or your own locomotion lower half.
  14. RubyShines

    Hello from Italy!

    Hello NightMagic191 and welcome to the forums I agree with your post. AU and NR doesn't have that Home feel and both games are really boring. I deleted both of them awhile ago. So far AviLife looks like its going to be that answer I've been looking for since the death of PlayStation Home. I hope it comes out very soon for everyone I just can't wait.
  15. RubyShines

    Variety of Sandals


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