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  1. Shinbu

    Super hero costumes

    Sounds cool. Maybe if AviLife is a booming success they could look upon acquiring the licenses rather than making look-a-likes. I don't want bootleg costumes. I'm fine if they can't acquire the license, or don't want to. I just want cool looking things in this game.
  2. Shinbu

    PS4 Community Moderator

    I joined also. I like to read what people are asking. I'm not the inquiring type of person. I'm more about observing. I hope the best for AviLife, and its my first to watch development.
  3. Do you think Disaster Report 4 will come to America, and Europe?. Since they inquired the I.P. for Disaster Report maybe things will change like having a world wide release again. I wonder if fans had petition before to get a world wide release. I wouldn't mind not having dub voice overs available subtitles will do just fine.
  4. I was referring people to your game, and they said it looked generic with no purpose, and some saw potential. I was on your discord when I saw your announcement of your next presentation of game-play. I'm assuming you work with flammable studios. If you are what position are you in the team?. It would be a great idea to talk to potential consumers that could be future backers, and tell them what AviLife is. If i'm right you are introducing a mini game with the next video. The biggest misconceptions when I refer people to this game is that they think i'm talking about Avakin Life.
  5. Shinbu


    So you want to change clothes during game-play also? for example exploring a wedding space, and you came with a casual outfit, and you switch to a tuxedo or to a dress without leaving game-play. I've played GTA Online its not a bad idea with the wardrobe. Actually saving outfits, and changing into them very fast rather than leaving the session to change is very appealing. GTA Online customization could be a good basis beside from the horrible picking your parents to change your appearance is rather tedious than easy. I wouldn't want that to be copied since it was nuisance. Saint Row has good customization too with the sliders to augment something of a feature on your character. For example like having big eyes if you wanted to
  6. I remember Granzella they made content for Playstation Home as a third party developer.
  7. Shinbu

    Hi From USA

    I see potential in this project, and I hope it can build a great community, and we can kick start in the future . I'm spreading the word about AviLife.
  8. Shinbu

    Q&A Transcripts Megathread

    Interesting read
  9. Shinbu

    AviLife FAQ

    This post is very professional I love it. I wish I could endorse your project for many eyes to see for example Youtube. All I can do is spread the word once your kickstarter go live I will back it.

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