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  1. I played the first Def Jam Vendetta. I never played this one :0. Aye if they make the fighting similar to Def Jam Vendetta I'll be up for it. It brings back memories when you had to build up the heat meter to do those awesome finishing blows.
  2. I agree with you. Don't state a launch date or you will have a deadline. Especially the development team isn't a big one. It's a really smart decision, but how long can people wait for a kickstarter?. I'd say no longer than 2020.
  3. This is a harmless glitch. This further proves my feelings I have for Nebula. I'm sticking with AviLife to see what it becomes. If AviLife doesn't kickstart in 2019 then early 2020 i'm guessing.
  4. I offer seven mini-game ideas. Parkour The community making levels too would be cool for this mini-game. There is a jump mechanic in this game. I think it would be great. Roller Skating Rink Do tricks to earn points competing against other contestants. Have a scoreboard for us to keep track of. Have us timed for 5 minutes then the contest is over. Skateboarding The game works the same as roller skating, but with more intense tricks. I think the tony hawk games, and skate games could inspire you to put in some cool tricks. A beautiful skate park would be nice. I would like a few parks to choose from, but after this game mode comes in. Let us free-roam, and chat there, and those who don't want to participate in the contest can still skate. Do the same for the roller skating mini-game. Paint Ball Shoot other players to earn points. You must reign supreme over the contestants with the most points. Add a team-mode too. Mini-Golf I would like for inspiration to be at the game called Golf With Your Friends. It would be cool if we could chat with our chat bubbles popping above the golf. Have our usernames near the golf :). Air Hockey Snowboarding Look at the game called SSX for inspiration. The game would work the same-way as the other skating games.
  5. Sounds cool. Maybe if AviLife is a booming success they could look upon acquiring the licenses rather than making look-a-likes. I don't want bootleg costumes. I'm fine if they can't acquire the license, or don't want to. I just want cool looking things in this game.
  6. I joined also. I like to read what people are asking. I'm not the inquiring type of person. I'm more about observing. I hope the best for AviLife, and its my first to watch development.
  7. Do you think Disaster Report 4 will come to America, and Europe?. Since they inquired the I.P. for Disaster Report maybe things will change like having a world wide release again. I wonder if fans had petition before to get a world wide release. I wouldn't mind not having dub voice overs available subtitles will do just fine.
  8. I was referring people to your game, and they said it looked generic with no purpose, and some saw potential. I was on your discord when I saw your announcement of your next presentation of game-play. I'm assuming you work with flammable studios. If you are what position are you in the team?. It would be a great idea to talk to potential consumers that could be future backers, and tell them what AviLife is. If i'm right you are introducing a mini game with the next video. The biggest misconceptions when I refer people to this game is that they think i'm talking about Avakin Life.
  9. Shinbu


    So you want to change clothes during game-play also? for example exploring a wedding space, and you came with a casual outfit, and you switch to a tuxedo or to a dress without leaving game-play. I've played GTA Online its not a bad idea with the wardrobe. Actually saving outfits, and changing into them very fast rather than leaving the session to change is very appealing. GTA Online customization could be a good basis beside from the horrible picking your parents to change your appearance is rather tedious than easy. I wouldn't want that to be copied since it was nuisance. Saint Row has good customization too with the sliders to augment something of a feature on your character. For example like having big eyes if you wanted to
  10. I remember Granzella they made content for Playstation Home as a third party developer.
  11. Shinbu

    Hi From USA

    I see potential in this project, and I hope it can build a great community, and we can kick start in the future . I'm spreading the word about AviLife.
  12. This post is very professional I love it. I wish I could endorse your project for many eyes to see for example Youtube. All I can do is spread the word once your kickstarter go live I will back it.
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