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  1. Thank you so much for your warm welcome! @Abiatha, of course I remember you! Yeah, you're right, nothing will be like Home again. But it can be better! ;D
  2. Hi everyone! I'm Erika, from Rome, and I'll be 26 in few days. My first VR game was PsHome: funny how we discovered it just because we're looking for free games in PS Store... We loved it since the very beginning! (I say "we" because all my family plays together with me) We met lots of wonderful people from all over the world, and it was the first time we got the chance to experience something like that (a part from forums). It was funny, but also it let us meet lots of amazing people who're still dear friends of us. When it come to an end, we were really upset. It was part of out daily routine, even if we don't use to spend all day playing. Another game developer team from the old PsHome (I don't know if I can say the name) decided to open its own VR game, and I started playing and doing translation for them. I still do it: I translate from English, US to Italian and Spanish. Then other two VR games opened to the world... And I honestly can't say I really love them... When I first saw AviLife Alpha, I was stunned: movement, colours, sculptures, it was all perfect! What deeply amazed me was the richness in details that a simple Alpha video was showing. It's not only a matter of fact, you know: I've graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, Graphic Art, and I've almost reached the very last year of study. Illustrating is my dream, and knowing that there's someone who looks for perfection as I do makes me feel very satisfied! In my free time (when I have some), I love reading (fantasy, noir and classic for first), watching TV series (fantasy and sci-fi) and enjoying logic games, music and videogames! Of course I draw a lot! I'm very happy to be here, let's hope we'll play all together very soon!
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