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  1. Drew

    AviLife FAQ

    thanks for the response !
  2. Drew

    General suggestions

    Great suggestions posted Tubi / Stellar! I agree as well.
  3. Drew

    Hi From USA

    Hello Shinbu, welcome to the community!
  4. Drew

    AviLife FAQ

    Question @Brink For when the kickstarter demo is going to be released, do you plan on having the demo on Xbox, PC, and PS4 or just one or two of the following?
  5. Drew

    Q&A Transcripts Megathread

    Thanks for posting the Q&A . Great to know what was brought up for those that were unable to attend! (Can we also get the one from Friday posted as well?)
  6. Drew

    the Ken man has arrived

    Welcome to the AviLife Community Ken!
  7. Drew

    Hi everyone, from the UK

    Hello Arwen! welcome to the community!
  8. Drew


    Awesome to hear about custom colors on hair and some clothing. One suggestion that would be cool in the future would be the option to have multi color/multiple colors in hair and styles . such as one color in front one color in back. color highlights,etc. If that makes sense lol
  9. Drew

    Introducing Clubs

    Neat idea Brink! I like it ! :)
  10. Drew

    AviLife WIP Discussion

    yeah the jump is an awesome feature for a social world. As long as the barriers are in place in spaces,objects ,etc to prevent people jumping ,dancing etc on stuff that they shouldn't be
  11. Great suggestion Glitter! I like this idea.
  12. Drew


    I agree with other things taking priority over clothing in the beginning of the social world. Sure avatars will look similar, but I would rather the dev team focus on bugs, the worlds, interactions, games ,etc . That way there is actually some stuff to do/see etc. I have no doubt that later down the road there will be plenty of clothing ,customization, and options available.
  13. Drew


    Hello Rosie. Welcome welcome!
  14. Drew

    Variety of Sandals

    Nice suggestion RubyShines. These would all be great in a beachy type space !
  15. Drew

    Greetings from Canada

    Thanks for the nice intro Sphinx and welcome to the AviLife Community!

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