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  1. nio0

    Hello Everyone :)

    Thank you Cocoa
  2. nio0

    Photo Mode Preview

    I like her.. I mean I like the Photo Mode. It will be very convenient to focus on the near proximity & vice-versa, brightness looks good too. Great feature.
  3. nio0

    Hello Everyone :)

    Hi Danika, thanks for the warm welcome
  4. nio0

    Hello Everyone :)

    Good to see you too Abiatha. Yes, per what I've seen, AviLife looks really interesting and I look forward to it.
  5. nio0

    Hello Everyone :)

    Hey Brink, You're welcome and thank you!
  6. nio0

    Hello Everyone :)

    Thanks Stellar!
  7. nio0

    Hello Everyone :)

    Thanks Un0-0n3unique, is good to see you here too. Yes, is gonna be fun to see the development of Avilife!
  8. nio0

    Hello Everyone :)

    Is good to be here and be a part of a new community in Social VR. I am a former PSH user and supporter of other Social VR Games. I look forward to the development and unique experience that AviLife will bring to us in the near future and beyond. I know it is not an easy task what Luke has taken on in creating a new Virtual World from scratch, and for that kudos to you and you have earned my support

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