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  1. nio0

    Concert arena

    Wow Elijane, you sound fantastic! You are a singer and I think you play instruments am I right? I heard your music in Soundcloud and I think it would be awsome to play your music in AviLife. I look forward to that concert and Nice voice! Nio
  2. Hey Farq, welcome Sent a request for Chillax. I look forward to it. Got it!
  3. Many points could be made why it will be better but i'll make 2; 1. Avatar customization from the start(Huge). Who in the right mind starts a social world without it. 2. 4 worlds are better than 3 ( especially in PS4). There is innovation here in AviLife and that is key to success. The vision is clear and evident. Lessons have been learned. Systems have been improved. It is early and good talented teams are being put together. True fans are optimistic and is worth the try. Failure is a small price to pay. The rewards are endless.. a future is being created.
  4. nio0

    Hello all.

    Hey Pongo, with that Mau5 head who could say no to you lol Welcome
  5. Officially It could be called anything at this point. But for customary reasons it is referred ans a PS5 what Sony is currently working on. As Brink mentioned AviLife will be on Sony's Next Generation Console as well. In my opinion, most likely be called PS5 for marketing reasons since they already build the brand and MOST fans want that as well.
  6. Try this link and hope it helps. By the way, the icon on the right bottom corner here doesn't work anymore. The Discordd chat app has now been moved to the Discorddapp.com website where everybody is chatting now. Check it out. https://discordapp.com/channels/468119160417812482/468119160417812484
  7. I like her.. I mean I like the Photo Mode. It will be very convenient to focus on the near proximity & vice-versa, brightness looks good too. Great feature.
  8. nio0

    Hello Everyone :)

    Hi Danika, thanks for the warm welcome
  9. nio0

    Hello Everyone :)

    Good to see you too Abiatha. Yes, per what I've seen, AviLife looks really interesting and I look forward to it.
  10. nio0

    Hello Everyone :)

    Hey Brink, You're welcome and thank you!
  11. nio0

    Hello Everyone :)

    Thanks Un0-0n3unique, is good to see you here too. Yes, is gonna be fun to see the development of Avilife!
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