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  1. What studio is developing this game? FlammableStudios (British indie developers) What engine will it support? Unreal Engine 4 What platforms will it support? PC. MAC. Steam. X-Box. PS4. PS5? PC, PlayStation, Xbox Will this game be free to play or subscription based? Free to play What is the intended ESRB rating for this game? 18 In the EU, M in the US What are the intended core features for this game? Advanced avatar customization (Including layered clothing, so you can wear a jacket over a shirt for example) Advanced personal space customization (Item placement, wall papers, flooring, lights colors, etc) Cross-platform (Certain consoles may have to be excluded from cross-platform play) Shops Environment interaction Many social features (Dancing, Actions, Poses, etc) YouTube & Soundcloud integration (Media players) Clubs Mini-games (There's going to be a high focus on providing fun mini-games once the core of the game is finished) Locomotion Items (Jetpacks, skateboards, wings, etc) Pets Physics Items (Example: a ball that you can freely kick around, etc) Modern arcade games A theme park (A full theme park, this won't be in for a while though) + More Who is funding development, content and server costs? We're currently self funded, we will have a kicksrtarter/indiegogogo once we have the proof of concept demo ready. Will there be routine maintenance, patches and content updates? Yes Will there be 3rd party developers onboard? Yes What about the security infrastructure? Will you protect people's IP addresses? Will you prevent booters, sniffers and modders from ruining the game? We will regularly watch the community and update the game if any exploits are found. The latest version of Unreal Engine 4 has a bunch of new security features which will also help prevent any exploits. We also plan to put measures in place to protect players from sniffers. What makes this game any different from what's already presently available; Nebula Realms, Atom universe, Four King's Casino And Slots? If I'm loyal to Atom Universe for example, what would make me support this game? Without commenting on any other world, we believe AviLife will be the most advanced console world. I was also Home user from the original closed beta, I understand what works, what people want, and what will make AviLife the best place to play. Are there any plans for peripherals like VR headsets, Mics, camera's, keyboards, mice and so on? AviLife will support Mics, Keyboards, Mice (On consoles too). We're looking into VR but it's not currently planned. Will there be an in game currency or will you opt for the PSN wallet like PlayStation Home did? There will be an ingame currency Will there be shops and stores for clothing, accessories and furniture? Yes Will profanity be allowed? Yes (The profanity filter is enabled by default but can be disabled) Will nudity and other adult themes be allowed? No When will AviLife release? TBC Will there be a closed and open beta for this game? Yes Will you be developing your own original content or borrowing from the Unreal/Unity marketplace? Both. - Our core spaces* will be fully original but we may use assets from the marketplace for other public/personal spaces. *Core spaces are: The Square, The Mall, The theater, The Arcade, The theme park, and the night club. Will there be a phone/tablet app companion? Not currently planned at this time but it's something I want to look into down the road. Will there be brand name content from Sony, Microsoft and other studio developers & companies? This is something we hope to do but it's a little early to say at this time. Will you support game related content and spaces; Skyrim, GTA, LBP, Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, etc like PlayStation Home did? This would be something we will fully support but it's up to the other developers if they want to see their brand in AviLife Will there be a kickstarter? If so, what will be the incentives for backers? Yes, backers will get exclusive early access and unique items. (There will be more information once we're ready to launch the kickstarter) Previous kickstarters for other virtual worlds didn't turn out so well. What are your expectations, if you go down this path? We expect to have the full support of the community once we showcase more of the games unique features that are not available in other worlds. We're also going to release a public kickstarter demo so players can jump in the game, socialize and get a small taste of AviLife. We're also going to be using the Kickstarter Demo as a place host meetups to get feedback live from the community and do question and answer sessions. What platforms will support cross-play? Xbox and PC will have cross-play functionality via Xbox Live Play Anywhere. *Updated*
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