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Registration Terms



○ Core Information
Your account, is the property of the AviLife™ website, as well as it's other services, and it's development team FlammableStudios™. Your access to the account is granted by the staff team, and can be revoked at any time with, or without notice, or reason. Any purchases that you make in conjunction with your account, is final, and there are absolutely NO refunds on anything. Your account is licensed to you upon registration. This is a privilege, and not a right. We can revoke your access to any of our services at any time, either temporarily, or permanently without informing you as to why, though we generally will give you a reason. We reserve the right to revoke your account at any time, and all purchases tied to the account, as you do not own the purchased content, but rather a revocable license to use the service, or product/content. We also reserve the right to terminate AviLife™, as well as all or any individual services connected to it at any time, without the need to provide any indication, or notice of our doing so.

○ Extra Information
You agree that you understand that you must be at the least 17 years of age to use any of our services, and by using them you are indicating to us that you are of or above the age 17. You also agree that you also understand that though all users can post within our community, they do not necessarily have the right or the power to express the views of AviLife™ or it's staff, development team, or community members as a whole. If a member posts objectionable content we urge that those that notice it report it immediately. After it is reported a staff member can better act on it, as it will help us become aware more quickly. We always have the ability to remove questionable content, if and only if we deem that the report is valid, and that the post does indeed breach our ToS. Remember for content you do not wish to view, you can always block/ignore a member on site. That option is always available to you.

○ Warnings & Bans
We use a warning system that acts as strikes toward your account. Every user automatically starts with a clean slate. You agree that you understand the following reasons you may be warned, but also understand and agree that warnings are not limited to these reasons. You agree that the punishments fit the crimes, and that you cannot continue to access the community without first acknowledging a warning when it is issued. If you have any questions as to why you were warned, you may always contact a staff member however once you reach the total amount of warnings, your account is automatically suspended. Depending on what the severity of your infraction is, you may either be warned, instantly suspended, or instantly banned. Below are a list of the infractions, and the punishments for them (but we may add, edit, alter, or remove these at any time):


Any form of abuse, harassment, racism, prejudice, or other offensive actions: 1 warning per offense.
Defamation: 1 warning per offense.
Impersonation of Staff: Permanent Ban on 1st offense.
Impersonation of Another player: 1 month suspension on 1st offense.
Hacking or Attempting To Hack/DDoS: Permanent Ban on 1st offense.
Marketing, or Soliciting Non Staff Approved Content/Services/Communities, or spam: Content removal, and 1 warning per offense.


We reserve the right to edit, add, or remove parts of this at any time, with or without notice.
Lastly please note that our community does use cookies, as this allows us to retain your user experience.

Important Information

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