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Introduction: Nagato

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Hey Everyone!

My name is Nagato, and I'm glad to see the development of AviLife coming to fruition. I've played PlayStation Home since 2011, and I loved the diversity of how Home was just in sheer terms of clothing and spaces. Some of my favorite spaces was Music Cafe *Japan Home,* Konami Penthouse, GodFather 2, Central Plaza, Feva Arena, Playground and Japan's server version of the Central Plaza/Hub. Some fun facts about me I love video games and in particular I'm a PlayStation Collector. I currently own 2 PS4's 4 PS3's, 1 Silver Japanese PS2, 1 Silver Japanese PSP, 2 PS Vitas, 1 PSTV. Some of my favorite game series are KINGDOM HEARTS, Gran Turismo, GTA, Naruto, Final Fantasy, Persona, NBA 2K series and a few others. On my spare time, I look into modding/developing program on the PlayStation Vita in particular. I like to also watch anime and I love to learn new things.

Hopefully very soon we can see AviLife actually come to "LIFE" and see what we have been missing on the PS4 for a proper social world.

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