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  1. Mobile app

  2. customize your avatar

  3. Chat with friends while their in the game you are moblie.

  4. While chatting, you can pose, add filters, and post photos to get people talking.
    - Virtual chat with a range of emotes, emoji and functions

  5. friend list

  6. group list

  7. club list

  8. inbox message

  9. stores: buy items for avater/apartment

  10. Profile

  • sign in and link your psn or steam pc.

  • app available for  on table/web stores on pc/mac /mobile 

  • A Phone App (android and IOS) with support to check your avatar and the private messages sent in the game

  • make purchases from the mobile app

  • search bar in the stores
  • stores : categories list "sale" , "discount" ,a-z,price,bundle,
  • buy gift : send gift to friend or people
  • promotions tab
  • wishlist tab
  • pre-order item 
  • freebie section; it tell you what item are free and were to get at.
  • coming soon section: you look at what is coming
  • recommend tab: you recommend item 
  • view  preview item from the stores   by click as screenshot  
  • View Item- Comment/Read Reviews- read the review comment  of item and rate it
  • browse-on content in app.
  • Buying it Gets downloaded directly to your Account, Without having to turn on (Ps4/Pc) All by Mobile.
  • add fund tab
  • pay method-paypal ,pre card,debt card,other
  •  new tab : tell you what is latest and what is new on on the game
  • Creating your avatar and customize yourself

  • Inventory -

  • arrange the wardrobe etc.

  • Profile pages: have a blog, have avatar,Display your avatar and it pose

  •  display your vitural tours of homes 

  • in-game map location: where you could find your friends

  • chat in 3D with avatar  : when you are in conversation in the chat log you see your avatar interaction 

  • MSG-  message a friend and club member
  • retrieve messages 
  • social tab-friend and group
  • see Who is Playing On AU
  • where you can see which of your friends are online
  • Friend: see who is in chat and view their profiles

  • group messaging with my friends on PSN

  • chat section for group chat and club chat

  • calendar event

  • event reminders

  • notification  tab : alert you /club get on and who is on

  • club :view your club and the statues

  • IM for all-able to send out a message and pictures to everyone in the club from the clubhouse .

  • game new of game on update that keep you alert what is new on the game.

  • social media integration it mean connect your social media and your feedback

  • Connect with new friends from all over the world

  • create your own emoji by using your avatar as emoji : you could use your pictures of the avater express and put as emoji

  • add emoji

  • add 3d sticker /2d stickers

  • give out sticker to your friends or new people yo wanted to meet.

  • Give a virtual sticker gift -it mean give out sticker. There is option on give out a sticker with a notes . You could a write a note and attached the stickers

  • snapshot your avatar in the game then put as emoji

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To answer your question regarding a mobile App this is a quote taken from the AviLife FAQ - 

Will there be a phone/tablet app companion?

Not currently planned at this time but it's something I want to look into down the road.



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