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walking styles/item

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Have type of walking for avatar and item with it.






Average walk




  •   Lazy walk
  •  Tired wak
  •   Sad walk
  •  Tough walk
  •  Females-perky
  • confidence walk 



exercise walk 


  • power walk
  • marching walking







trick walk move




  • Shuffle walk
  •  Sneak walk
  •  Tip & toe walk
  • Walking Skipping
  • Double bounce walk
  •  Leap walk-walk leap jump and walk



Walking with item


  •  Walking with Canes
  •  Walking with Crotches
  • walking with luggage
  • Walking with phones
  • Walking with umbrella






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1.   Cat walk


2.   Sexy walk


3.   Model walk


4.   Crawling walk


5.   Zombie walk


6.   Frankenstein walk


7.   Hand walk


8.   Walk angry


9.   stomp walk


10.        Balance walk


11.        walk drunk


12.        personality walk


13.        walk long strides


14.        hand in pocket walk


15.        wearing jacket and put hand in jacket pocket hand awhile walking


16.        the suspicious walk


17.        walking backward


18.        Walking with Hands Behind Back


19.        walking limp look like avatar is jury


20.        walking and holding hands on back of your head.


21.        walking and snap your finger a whiling  and shake head left and right


22.        Holding Baseball Bat around your neck awhile walking


23.        walking slow with camping backpack


24.        one  hand on hip awhile walking


25.        both hand on hip awhile  walking 

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I like some of those walking style ideas, it would be cool to see a few different styles in AviLife maybe not at the initial release but I hope a few get added over time 🙂

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