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AviLife Competition

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What is AviLife's plan to compete with other companies? I would definitely like to see some features from Sansar be integrated into AviLife. How far along is AviLife? How is it funded? I am curious. Thank you for your replies.

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Unsure what information you have got but I'll answer it anyway. Our plan to compete is to just offer the best social world the members want, by reading through suggestions we can gather ideas of what works best not just for us but our user base too. AviLife is still being built but every day that goes by we are a closer to release. It'll be funded primarily through Kickstarter at first. I hope this answers some of your questions. 

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A lot of the main core features being planned for AviLife, will definitely set a new standard for virtual worlds. YouTube and Soundcloud integration via TV's, radio's and theater are most impressive to me...as no one else is doing this and I can't imagine why. Interactive TV's and radio's were among the most popular items sold, on Home. Thanks to LOOT (Now, developing content for Sansar), these items added a new and immersive dynamic to the overall online experience. Interactive items are an absolute must!

Utilizing Unreal Engine. Luke and the dev team are making incredible progress in development, using Unreal...and it shows when you see the WIP videos and photos. If this is any indication of what to expect at launch, AviLife will no doubt be graphically superior to what's currently available. 

The "Netflix-like" navigator. Looks and feels similar to the Netflix UI and almost draws inspiration from Home's old navigator. Love it!

Addition of a JUMP button. AviLife avatars are the first in console based virtual worlds to implement and utilize an actual jump button. Not to be confused with the traditional jump emotes from other virtual world's. This adds an entirely new dynamic to avatar physics, as players are no longer locked to the floor but can jump to reach heights and environmental objects, otherwise inaccessible through traditional means. 

Cross platform compatibility between XBox and PC. Sadly, Sony is fighting this concept tooth and nail...so don't expect them to accommodate cross platform, any time soon. Although, Sony has recently opened the PS4 up to cross platform compatibility with Fortnite and Rocket League. So, maybe there is a chance in the future this could expand to include a wider variety of other games. It's amazing the accomplishments that can be made when faced with public scrutiny. LOL. 

Photo mode. AviLife will include a modernized photo mode, allowing the players to take pictures and screenshots using a wide variety of features such as depth of field ,focus distance, aperture settings, roll rotation, brightness, tint and field of view...to capture every possible nuance, angle, perspective and detail. A MUST HAVE for skilled and aspiring photographers!


All this and much more, will ultimately prove AviLife to be a serious contender in the virtual world genre, and is expected to set the bar for the current standard of quality. AviLife aspires to send a very intimidating message to other virtual worlds, "It's time to step up your game!"

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Very well said shadow-runner. Thanks for the informative post. I'm excited to see this game's development to the end and I have high expectations for it as well, yet I feel like my expectations will be exceeded in the end:classic_biggrin:

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