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We've all seen the arbitrary chat bubble , we've seen how we can pop emoji and change bubble color ... Why not revolutionize the chat bubble?... Instead of just having it pop up over our heads , let's take it to the next step by allowing full 3D chat bubbles , that pop lively emojis.and let's not use the normal emojis , let's use a cavalcade of different emoji types that are purchasable and exchangable, and even convergable!. I know that Instagram , Facebook , and especially Kik have an entire slooth of emoji types if you were looking for ideas. 

Lastly let's be able to edit the emojis , mixing and matching facial expressions to convey different responses with our friends, as well as allow the chat bubble to look more lively by adding not only color , but background effects, but nothing too fancy.

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Another interesting idea to take on board though I would worry a lot of these chat bubbles to really minimise the view of the space so making the chat bubbles some what small and out the way doesn't just give you a wall of colour and text and emojis.But something the devs can have a think about for sure. 

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