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PS4 AviLife Community Moderators

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Hello, Brink!

I am here to petition for the recruitment of moderators in the PS4 AviLife community. As time goes on and as this community continues to grow in size, it is only natural to expect a few "bad apples" to come in and start some shit with other members. I can see fights, arguments and disagreements getting out of hand on the community wall. Now, I know you can't be there to monitor this community 24/7...but recruiting some moderators to look after things would be a huge help. Not just people who want the tag, either but I mean people who are going to be there in rotation to keep a watchful eye on things on a DAILY BASIS. I would LOVE to volunteer for this position, but I doubt you would want me as a moderator. Although, I do moderate 3 other PSN communities and do it well. 

To say the least, you might want to look into this before it becomes a bigger issue in the near future. 

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