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Monsters Coliseum

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A game I would like to see for AviLife. This public space is about half human with different types of any creature where it can be half human half snake, half human half spider, half human half fish like a mermaid, half human half horse like a centaur, half human half bird, half human half bee and so on. On this space, there is a coliseum with a gladiator type arena for half human creatures to duke it out while the other half human creatures may it be the users or npc in the audience watches you fight. Great grounds a land coliseum arena for the creatures like minotaur, centaur, half human half snake, half human half scorpion, half human half spider ake drider, half human half panther and so on. Before you enter the space, you should be given an opinion to stay as a human to keep your lower half or be whichever half creature you want. But you won't be able to participate in the events to fight if you pick human rather than being a half creature, but instead you'll be only a watcher in the audience. Atlantis ocean floor a coliseum arena for the half human half sea creatures like mermaids, half human half turtle, half human half shark, half human half octopus, half human half lobster and so on. Skyway a sky coliseum arena for the sky creatures like half human half bird, half human half wasp, half human half dragon, half human half bee and so on. Option for the lower half for monster coliseum, can use the space set lower half or your own locomotion lower half.

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