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BioSphere Space

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I was thinking of a space that would encompass 4 different biospheres in the same space. A simple space with nothing special except weather effetcs. Think of a giant space with a path that lead right through it with no weather then 4 seperate areas with 4 different biomes in it.

So as you walk past there would be a space on the left with rain coming down and rain effects on your avatar perhaps your avatar could do a little shake out the rain emote or hold its hand out to feel the rain and have your avatar appear wet until you walked into the next biospehere



The next biospehere on the right would be snowing so your avatar could shiver a little bit as u stood in it and chatted with friends.

Like this space on home had.




the next biospehere would be like a quiet hilltop at night where you could stargaze watching a few meteors go by and such.

Midnight glade was a nice space to showcase what i mean.

The fourth biome as you walked past could be springtime in a corn field with some flowers blooming or the wind blowing over the wheat or something. Beautiful sunny day.




Keeping it simple with a just a few weather effects in each would make it easy to create and accessible by all. Some people it might be raining where they live so they might want to go chat with their friends while standing in the rain with their avatar

For some it might be wintery so snow would be ideal

Some people play only at night so having a nighttime area would serve as their area to chat while enjoying the nighttime starry ambience

I'm thinking of an area that would be accessible year round but have all the weather of different areas so no matter what your feeling or where you live theres a area that suit you and your friends 😃

Instead of designing 4 seperate spaces you could create one big space that encompasses all the biomes and maybe have a transition effect as you moved from one to the other. Also people could essentially be standing in the rain while their friends standing in snow and they can still chat cause its the same space.

Maybe its not possible idk but weather effects like rain and snow and the avatars response to them would truly be next gen and give our avatars that real feeling of being out in the elements without actually being out in the elements lol

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Or maybe just call it The 4 Seasons and have 4 spaces 1 for each season. Having spaces year round for winter, summer, fall and spring would be pretty neat. More variety is good. having more public spaces is encouraged and people want to interact without having to always invite people to their overpriced personal spaces.

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That's a pretty neat idea to have 1 space for each season year round. I like that.

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